A piece of heart to Huaqiang

Recently, Taiwan‘s “Mainland Affairs Commission” broke the news to the media that Hong Kong film and television mogul Xiang Huaqiang had applied to Taiwan‘s “Immigration Department” for “residence in accordance with relatives”, a move that immediately ignited public opinion on the other side of the Taiwan Strait as an establishment business figure.

So, who is Andy Hsiang?

If you are a fan of Stephen Chow, or if you know a little about Hong Kong films in their heyday, you should have a deep impression of the unsmiling and very cool gold medalist in the “Gambler” series – Dragon Five.

The role of “Dragon Five” is unusual, in large part because of the special background of his character – Xiang Huaqiang. He is a film and television tycoon in the business world, the owner of the film company China Star Group, in the 1980s during the golden age of Hong Kong films, his company produced hundreds of films, monopolizing half of the entertainment industry. But his more popular identity is the leader of Hong Kong’s famous gangster “New Justice On”.

Talking about the family history of Xiang Huaqiang, that write a book may not be enough. Xiang Huaqiang’s father, Qianqian, a native of Lufeng, Guangdong, was once the favorite pupil of the legendary Dai Kaiser of the Kuomintang military junta. During the war, he was sent by the military junta to Hong Kong to hide and engage in anti-Japanese activities. In the old days, Hong Kong was a mixed bag of folk associations left over from the Manchurian Qing Dynasty, of which the “Yi An Society” registered in 1921 under the name of “Yi An Chamber of Commerce and Industry” was one of the best. Xiangqian use Yi’an society to develop power, and gradually become the leader. Xiangqian called himself the head of the “Taiping Mountain Righteousness Society” and belonged to the “Hongmen Loyalty Society” (often referred to as the “Fourteen Ks” in movies and TV dramas), which was also under the leadership of the military junta at the time. The area of influence is mainly in the Kowloon area, people call “Kowloon Emperor”.

After the victory of the war, Qianqian also founded the Tai Ping Shan Sports Association, Yi An Company, Xin An Company, etc. in Hong Kong, which became the most famous organization on the road afterwards – Xin Yi An, as a cover for its military identity. In 1953, Qianqian was targeted by the Hong Kong government and accused of being involved in the Triad and illegal political organizations, and was deported and relocated to Taiwan until his death in 1975. Because of his father’s background, Xiang Huaqiang also participated in the 1978 Taiwan Army military education film “Whampoa Army Spirit”.

Xiang Qian had nine sons and four daughters, and after his expulsion, Xin Yi’an was headed by his eldest son Xiang Huayan. At its height in the 1980s, the number of members of the New Righteousness Association was conservatively estimated to be as high as 100,000, making it a veritable number one association with a reputation for excellence. The character of Chan Ho Nam in the familiar movie series “The Rascals” is based on Chan Yiu Hing, the so-called “Tiger of Wan Chai” of the New Justice Association. However, the Hong Kong police then launched a several years of anti-triad operation against the New Justice, Xiang Huayan was arrested in 1987, although released two years later, but increasingly low profile, then the club affairs are actually his brother Xiang Hua Bo, Xiang Hua Keung responsible.

In the new situation of various associations and gangs have been in the process of corporate transformation, the Xiang family under the leadership of the new Yee On is no exception, in addition to the traditional field of the club, but also a big step to the transformation of food, entertainment, real estate, trade and other directions. Especially after 1997, more low-key, the club’s top figures are based on business identity. Xiang Huaqiang is at this time has become Wing Shing Films, China New Films. In their heyday, Chow Yun Fat, Stephen Chow, Andy Lau and Jet Li were all artists under their banner, and their fame was unparalleled. Even big directors like Johnnie To actually worked for them, making many classic movies with triad themes – for Xianghuaqiang, it doesn’t matter if making movies is really profitable, what matters is the change of identity.

We all know that in the 1990s Stephen Chow once applied to immigrate to Canada, but was repeatedly rejected on suspicion of being a member of the triads. After that, the star was not convinced and began a long road of appeal, and finally even took the case to the Supreme Court of Canada, but was still rejected. The family’s entanglement, I’m afraid it’s difficult to say a few words.

Xiang Huaqiang’s two wives are not ordinary people. The former Ding Pei, a Taiwanese actress in the 1970s. Her uncle was Zhang Xueliang and her grandfather was the chief of the Beijing Police Department during the Beiyang era. Ding Pei’s most famous lover was Bruce Lee – the kung fu superstar was at Ding Pei’s home the day he died.

Perhaps more widely known is the current Chen Lan, a native of Taiwan and the de facto head of Xiang’s entertainment business. She says one thing in the Hong Kong entertainment industry. When Andy Lau, Cecilia Cheung and others were at a low point in their careers, she was the one who stepped in to get out of trouble. 2014 an online article, “Why so many people blacken Stephen Chow”, which mentioned that Master Star’s application for immigration was rejected, mainly because of the shooting of Xiang Huaqiang’s drama for people to launder money …… Chen Lan thought that this article to clear Master Star’s name by hand but discredited Xiang’s, and was furious that A limited period of time to ask Master Xing to explain. Master Star trembled and did not dare to respond.

In the transformation of Hong Kong society, to Huaqiang is also keenly aware of the times are different, actively cast a stone to ask the way. This year also had and Jackie Chan and other artists jointly publicly support the Hong Kong version of the new law. The company’s wife, Chen Lan, has also issued an article condemning the “outrageous acts” of the “anti-sending China” and asking the Hong Kong government to quickly legislate against masking. Xiang Huaqiang’s son, Xiang Zuo, is a member of the All-China Youth Federation – the same as another powerful family, the Fok family.

Even the famous Macau “Bashan Kui” in the road, after being sanctioned by the United States, issued a statement in rebuttal, did not forget to put behind the national flag to cheer.

In the general environment of the people on the road, Xiang Huaqiang suddenly filed an application to immigrate to Taiwan, it is inevitable to think about. According to Taiwan’s Mainland Affairs Commission, the father and son entered the country in early September this year for business purposes, and filed an application for “dependent residence” with the Immigration Department during their stay in Taiwan. From the actual situation, Xiang Huaqiang’s father, wife and daughter-in-law are all of Taiwanese background, and their “dependent residence” is justified. But in the end is the mouth honest, or physically honest, apparently, the Taiwan side also apparently quite tricky. The only way to get the word out is “not to apply, you will be allowed to pass” ……

In the bizarre year of 2020, countless ups and downs have only just begun. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into.