Proper perception of nutrition

Most people always think of nutrition as a kind of tonic, as something that makes them stronger or has some special meaning. Especially in the Chinese understanding of supplements, it seems that they are either for the kidneys or for certain functions. In fact, the real meaning of nutrients, not a tonic, he is just the human body to carry out the normal physiological reaction process, the elements needed for the process, but only the raw materials inside the body structure materials needed.

The cognition of nutrients has three key points: first, it is clear that it is the raw material of body structure; second, it is the raw material of cell activity; third, it is the raw material necessary to resist various injuries.

Many of the strange diseases of modern people and many chronic diseases are related to the unbalanced intake of nutrients, and the reason why many diseases are not cured is because some nutrients are more and some nutrients are less.

The seven nutrients that the human body needs, but we can most often eat only carbohydrates (sugar), fats and water, protein, vitamins, minerals, fiber, these important nutrients are often overlooked by us. It’s no wonder they don’t sell sugar and fat in nutritional supplement foods, but we’ve been overdoing it with the amount of these things we eat on a regular basis. Because we usually eat less of these nutrients like protein, vitamins, minerals, and fiber, including good fats, we need extra supplementation.

For example, protein is very important to the human body; it forms the framework structure of the body and plays a regulatory role in the body, transporting and providing energy.

Almost all enzymes in the body are proteins, and if there is a lack of protein, the body will have metabolic problems. For example, if there is a lack of lipase, there will be a fat metabolism disorder, triggering high blood fat, obesity and other health problems; if there is a lack of amylase, there will be a sugar metabolism disorder, triggering high blood sugar and other health problems; if there is a lack of protease, there will be a protein metabolism disorder, triggering high uric acid, gout and other health problems.

It’s simple to be healthy, eat less of the nutrients that are more in the body and eat more of the nutrients that are less in the body. We supplement what our body needs, and this is the meaning of nutritional supplementation, and it is the meaning of learning about nutrition and health.