According to Chinese medicine, the spleen opens the aperture in the mouth. If the spleen and stomach are weak, eating these foods can strengthen the spleen and benefit the stomach.

Today’s people, with the improvement of living standards, can be free to eat, drink and have fun, despite the improvement of living conditions, but there are still some people are very weak, just like some people usually eat a lot is difficult to fat up, or some people eat nutrition giant rich, but usually is a sick child. I believe the term “spleen and stomach weakness”, for everyone is not a stranger, but inside the real knowledge may layman not quite understand, today I will give you the knowledge about spleen and stomach weakness, especially the spleen and stomach weakness of the person’s diet how to do, hope this article can help you, code word is not easy, look forward to attention.

Definition of Spleen and Stomach Weakness.

Weakness of the spleen and stomach means that the function of the spleen and stomach is weakened and its movement slows down, leading to a series of diseases. Weakness of the spleen and stomach has a more general meaning, encompassing such TCM symptoms as Qi deficiency, Spleen-Yang deficiency, Spleen-Unified Blood, Sinking Qi, Stomach-Yang deficiency, Stomach-Yin deficiency, and Spleen-Stomach deficiency and Cold. Among them, Spleen-Qi deficiency is the basic type of Spleen-Stomach deficiency, and although Spleen-Stomach deficiency is not a serious disease, it still has a great impact on the body.

Manifestations of Spleen and Stomach Weakness.

look yellow (esp. of face)

A yellowish complexion occurs when the Spleen and Stomach malfunction, weakening their ability to transport food and reduce blood flow due to a lack of nutrients. Initially, the color of the face may be yellowish due to a mild spleen-stomach disorder, but if it is not treated in time, it will gradually turn from yellowish to “yellowish”, with yellow cheeks and withered skin, which is caused by a lack of Qi and fluid in the spleen.

If the face is yellow and swollen, it is the opposite of yellowish fat, which is a manifestation of Spleen deficiency and Dampness. A person’s face is yellow and, at the same time, the skin is dull, not bright enough, and not very moist, which basically indicates a Spleen deficiency.


According to Chinese medicine, the spleen opens the aperture in the mouth, the spleen’s Hua in the lips and lips four white. The four whites of the lips are the circle of yellow and white hairless parts around the lips, about 1 mm wide. If the four white lips become not obvious, certainly indicates that the spleen and stomach function becomes worse; if the four white lips especially dry yellow, means that the spleen and stomach function decline is very serious; if black and blue, and even life-threatening.


The weakness of the spleen and stomach lasts for a long time, and the leaks are sometimes mild and sometimes severe, and sometimes good and bad. The stools are loose, pale in color and odorless, can be mixed with undigested food residues, and are prone to diarrhea and bloating and loose stools after eating too much.

What about a weak spleen and stomach?

Tui-na and moxibustion

Tui na and chiropractic therapy are all very good ways to regulate the spleen and stomach and strengthen the spleen and qi. Proper massage of the abdomen, some children are not suitable to take medication due to weak spleen and stomach and poor body resistance, then you can take the method of Tui Na massage as well as moxibustion to regulate the condition.

The main purpose is to unblock the meridians of the spleen and stomach through these methods, and when the meridians are smooth, the spleen and stomach will gradually return to normal. And this method is also more effective in relieving the symptoms of diarrhea as well as constipation brought about by the weak spleen and stomach. For example, if a strip appears, gently massage it from top to bottom to encourage the bowels to pass out, as well as considering acupressure and moxibustion with acupressure points.

Dietary Adjustment

The regulation of the spleen and stomach can be done through dietary therapy, or by consuming some medicinal food to achieve the purpose of qi and blood regulation. You can ask an old Chinese medicine practitioner to prescribe some traditional Chinese medicine to regulate it. The following ingredients can be eaten to strengthen the spleen and benefit the stomach when the diet is adjusted.


Because the spleen and stomach weakness will seriously affect people’s digestive function, leading to digestive weakness, patients will also have the symptoms of appetite loss. So at this time it is more suitable to eat millet this kind of easy to digest food, millet can also nourish the stomach and rich in nutrition, eat more millet, not only suitable for regulating the stomach, but also to strengthen the spleen and stomach.


Taro is a very popular vegetable for many people, the amount of starch in it is very rich, the taste is also very good, it is very easy to be digested and absorbed by the body, it has the effect of strengthening the spleen and opening the stomach, it is very suitable for people with a weak spleen and stomach. Taro can be prepared in a variety of ways, and can be added to many dishes, so using taro to regulate the spleen and stomach will not leave you feeling very monotonous in taste.

Dried Ginger

When making soup, you can put more dried ginger in the soup. Dried ginger has a refreshing effect, and dried ginger in the soup can remove the body’s cold, can effectively promote the spleen and stomach function, and improve appetite.

Dried orange peel

Chen Pi is a very common traditional Chinese medicine, with the effect of regulating Qi and adjusting the middle, in the process of cooking some non-vegetarian food, you can properly add some Chen Pi, which can make the spleen and stomach get better conditioning and improvement. Of course, you can also use Chen Pi with a proper amount of boiling water to reduce the damage of some foods to the spleen and stomach.

black tea

Black tea is a fully fermented tea with less polyphenol content, which is less irritating after “maturation”. Especially for people with weak spleen and stomach, adding milk when drinking black tea can play a certain role in warming the stomach. Drinking tea time is best after meals, because fasting tea will hurt the body, especially for infrequent tea drinkers, will inhibit gastric juice secretion, impede digestion, serious will also cause palpitations, headache and other “tea drunk” phenomenon.

Most of the spleen and stomach weakness is easy for people with poor constitution to suffer from, in fact, we want to not be troubled by such a disease in life, we need to pay attention to many aspects in ordinary times, especially the diet needs to be paid more attention to, in addition to eating more of the above ingredients that strengthen the spleen and benefit qi, we also recommend white atractylodes, Tu Fu Ling, Yun Ling, Zishen, dry Huai Shan, lotus seed, hawthorn, prince ginseng, longan meat, walnuts, red dates, cordyceps flower, five-finger walnut, white fruit, etc.