You can’t drink the water? You can’t drink overnight water? 7 Truths About Drinking Water

Fall and winter season is here, the air becomes more and more dry, coupled with the autumn wind often blowing, the body’s water is particularly prone to evaporate, the counselor to remind everyone to drink more water.

Drinking water is a small thing, but drink the wrong thing may be a big thing that affects health, the following counselor will give you a little knowledge about drinking water common small knowledge it!

01 Can you drink the water with a thousand rollers?

The answer is: yes. The so-called “thousand-roller water” is water that is boiled repeatedly.

Some people say that there are nitrates in the water that is boiled for 1,000 boils, which can cause cancer. In fact, there is nitrite is true, but far from carcinogenic.

Studies have shown that even if you boil water 20 times, the nitrite content will not reach 3% of the upper limit of the national drinking water standard.

02 Yin and Yang water can be drunk?

It’s perfectly fine to drink a mixture of cold and hot water. However, if you mix raw water with hot water, there is a risk of “diseases coming in through the mouth”.

Raw water refers to tap water, well water, river water, etc. These waters may contain harmful microorganisms and may cause diseases.

03 Can I drink overnight water?

Even if you stay up all night, water is still water, and the water you boil in the morning can be drunk at night. The water that is boiled at night can naturally be drunk the next day as well.

You can’t drink water from a thousand rollers? You can’t drink overnight water? 7 Truths About Drinking Water
04 Is it healthier to drink more hot water?

Hot water is, essentially, no different than warm, cool water, but if the water temperature is higher than 65°, it may harm the digestive tract and even cause cancer.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classifies very hot beverages above 65° as Class 2A carcinogens, meaning that there is limited evidence of carcinogenicity to humans, but they are likely to be carcinogenic.

Therefore, don’t advise people to drink more hot water, hot rice, hot soup, drinking water temperature of about 18-45 ℃ are more suitable, close to the human body temperature is better.

05 Drinking pure water is harmful to health?

Pure water does not contain trace elements, it is true that it is not as healthy as plain water, but if you want to replenish nutrients, drink as much water as you can eat to be useful.

Thousand rollers of water can not drink? You can’t drink overnight water? 7 Truths About Drinking Water
06 Is eight glasses of water a day nonsense?

Adults should drink 1.5-1.7L of water per day, the average cup is about 200-250ml, it’s true that it’s 7-8 cups, but don’t get too caught up in the numbers, just enough to drink.

Don’t always to thirst before drinking water, not thirsty also need to drink water, drink water not to quench the thirst, but in order to better maintain the body fluid balance. When you get thirsty, your body is actually in a state of mild dehydration.

But drinking water can not be excessive, excessive drinking water is likely to increase the metabolic burden of the kidneys, resulting in the body’s water in time to discharge, excessive water in the body, and the blood sodium ions are diluted, causing dilute hyponatremia.

How to determine if you are drinking enough water?

You can tell by the color of your urine, which is a simple and workable solution.

Can’t drink Thousand Rolling Water? You can’t drink overnight water? 7 Truths About Drinking Water
Normal urine has a pale yellow color, similar to lemon yellow. If the color of the urine is normal, it is pretty much assumed that the amount of water being replenished is appropriate and should be maintained.

If the urine appears dark yellow or even brown, it means that too little water is being replenished and the body is in a dehydrated state.

If the urine is transparent and colorless, it means that the amount of water you drink is too much, and you should reduce the amount of water you drink appropriately.

However, the formation and excretion of urine takes a certain amount of time, through the color of urine to determine the body’s water status is relatively delayed, it is best to use a fixed volume of water cup to drink water, estimate the amount of water to drink every day.

07 Can I drink water before going to bed?

It is not recommended to drink more water before bedtime, mainly for fear of getting up at night and affecting sleep, it’s perfectly fine to drink water in small sips many times after dinner.

Well, the knowledge about drinking water is here, like a little friend to share with a friend to drink water together correctly!