We’re going to take a closer look today at can people with gallstones eat chestnuts and persimmons?

Gallstones will have different effects on the patient’s daily life, and even lead to loss of appetite and nausea and vomiting symptoms, the presence of gallstones may also be due to the usual lack of exercise caused by delayed bile emptying caused by the lesion, patients may also be due to excessive obesity or irregular diet caused by the symptoms of gallstones, you can choose the drug treatment method to improve the condition, usually pay attention to the reasonable dietary management, the following we understand in detail about gallstones patients can eat chestnuts and persimmons?

1, gallstones patients do not eat some greasy food or not easy to digest food, chestnut nutritional value is very high, gallstones patients can eat some chestnut, chestnut has a certain role of kidney and spleen, the patient’s health is better.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the actual dentist’s face and see if he or she is able to get the job done.

This is the reason why you can’t eat persimmons, because they can be eaten on an empty stomach and then condensed into stones with stomach acid, which will have a great impact on the treatment of gallstones, gallstones patients don’t eat persimmons, but you can eat a small amount of chestnuts.

The symptoms of gallstones are relatively obvious, so they should be treated in a timely manner, you can choose the method of herbal treatment to improve the condition, gallstones patients try not to eat spicy and irritating food, and can not eat food that is too cold.