Can I still eat salted duck eggs if I have diabetes? If you really want to eat, how much is the right amount to eat at a time?

Salted duck eggs are a popular condiment, can diabetics eat them? Of course, you know that diabetics need to control their diet, but not to restrict what to eat or not to eat, what needs to be controlled is the total calorie intake from food, different foods contain different nutrients, the amount of calories provided is not the same, through a reasonable mix to ensure that the total calories do not exceed the amount, what can not eat it?

The reason why people with diabetes can eat salted duck eggs can’t worry, mostly considering the yolk flow oil, containing cholesterol and other fat too much, eat will rise high blood fat, may also have an impact on blood sugar. In fact, this is a misunderstanding, resulting in diabetics not just to salted duck eggs, and eggs, meat food, etc. also dare not eat.

Diabetics in the control of blood sugar, focus on the control of blood lipids is necessary, but most of the human body in blood lipids synthesized by themselves, such as cholesterol, only 20% directly from food, and the human body has self-protection mechanism, when the food contains more cholesterol content, absorption rate will decline, simply put, when enough 20% of the cholesterol absorption, food in excess of cholesterol and then be absorbed. Very little. Therefore, the reason why blood lipids easily rise in diabetics, the main reason is still their own sugar lipid metabolism disorder, so diabetics eat salted duck eggs, eggs, meat and so on in moderation is no problem.

So, how much is the right amount?

For example, one boiled egg per day and 2 tbs of lean meat should be standard, which is beneficial to ensure a balanced diet for diabetics. But for the salted duck eggs, in terms of nutritional content is not much different from eggs, but because it is salted, which increased a large amount of salt, these salt is the diabetic patients to worry about.

Because salt is one of the most dangerous factors leading to an increase in blood pressure, and diabetics have very strict requirements for the control of blood pressure, requiring daily salt intake should not exceed 6 grams, and a salted duck egg contains salt almost accounted for more than half of the daily salt intake, think about it, eat a salted duck egg, almost no salt in other foods, would you want?

So, diabetics want to eat salted duck eggs, just eat less, a quarter of a day is okay, the good news is that salted duck eggs are only as a spice food, a quarter is able to meet the need, don’t you think?