allergic rhinitis

Allergic rhinitis is closely related to the lungs, spleen, kidneys and three organs. If the lung is deficient, the external guard is not solid and easily affected by cold. If the spleen is deficient, the essence and qi cannot be transported to the lungs, and the drink enters the stomach and goes to the spleen. The kidney is the foundation of the body, the disease long into the kidney, long into the collaterals, kidney deficiency Yang Qi can not be well ascending, fear of cold, poor resistance.

Allergic rhinitis mainly manifests as nasal congestion, runny nose, sneezing, nasal itch, itchy eyes, head, dizziness, body fatigue and discomfort. Allergic rhinitis attacks are often triggered by cold or contact with allergens, and TCM believes that the body is deficient in cold.

  1. Treatment needs systematic, stage assessment, and gradual enhancement of physical fitness, and eventually achieve healing and return to normal health.
  2. The first treatment, dietary prescription, forbid cold and greasy food, the body is prone to cold, avoid cold from the body.

The second treatment, emotional prescription, avoid sadness. The lung in the seven emotions is sad, emotional sadness, lung more weak, the lung opens the aperture in the nose, easy to sob, nose tears with out.

The third treatment, sleep prescription, avoid staying up late. Staying up all night hurts the essence and drains the spirit, and the kidneys are more deficient. Staying up all night is often allergic rhinitis more likely to attack.

  1. Treatment fourth, Chinese medicine prescription. For those who are not deficient in Middle Qi, use Ma Huang Fu Zi Fine Xin Soup, which warms the Yang and disperses cold, plus Cang Er Zi to proclaim the nasal aperture. For those who are deficient in Middle Qi, use Tonifying Middle Qi and Beneficial Qi Soup, plus Cang Er Zi San, to lift the Middle Qi which is often empty in the Lower Burner, add Mulberry, Eucommia, Continuity, and Xian Ling Spleen to tonify the Kidneys, so that the source of ascension is sufficient. If the lungs are deficient in temper, Jade Ping Feng San and Cang Er Zi San can be used to nourish the spleen and lungs and open the nasal aperture. For deficiency in the lungs, spleen and kidneys, use Ma Huang Fu Zi Fei Xin Tang with Gui Zhi Tang and Yu Ping Feng San, or slightly add medicines to open the nasal aperture, such as Angelica dahurica, Xinyi, Goose Fodder.
  2. treat item 4.

Moxibustion cupping is also good for allergic rhinitis. Moxibustion at Zhongfu, Yunmen and Fengchi acupoints can be cupped to disperse cold spirits, and moxibustion at Guan Yuan acupoint can replenish the energy of yang, warming yang and dissipating evil spirits, and the disease can be removed.