Fall Wellness for High Blood Sugar Patients Doctors Recommend Doing These 6 Things

The dry autumn climate can easily lead to health problems for some people, especially diabetics whose blood sugar is not easily stabilized, and the constant increase in blood sugar can easily lead to diabetes. So people with high blood sugar should pay attention to life adjustments in the fall, and pay special attention to blood sugar control to prevent complications.

How do people with hyperglycemia take care of their health in autumn?

1、Adjustment of diet

The dry climate of autumn is prone to cause people to have fire, and at this time in the excessive consumption of spicy and stimulating food, will lead to fire often, and blood sugar becomes very unstable. High blood sugar patients in the autumn must avoid long-term consumption of spicy stimulating food, such as hot pot, barbecue, etc., try to choose light food, but still to ensure a balanced nutrition, sugar content of food can not be too much food.

2、Drink more water.

In autumn, the body is prone to lack of water, and the lack of water is likely to lead to a decrease in blood flow to the body, resulting in unstable blood sugar levels. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the addition of water, drink more water can not only reduce the emergence of unstable blood sugar, but also alleviate the body’s dry problem.

3, pay attention to keep warm

In autumn, the temperature drops, especially when the temperature difference between morning and night is relatively large, so patients with high blood sugar should do a good job of keeping warm to avoid changes in blood pressure after the cold air enters the body, thus causing blood sugar to rise. Therefore, it is very important to keep warm, increase clothing in time when it is cold, and wear less when it is hot.

4、Reasonable exercise

Exercise is able to enhance the health of people, and regular exercise can effectively resist the invasion of various diseases. If you have hyperglycemia, exercise in autumn can reduce the probability of unstable blood sugar.

5、Reasonable use of medicine

People with hyperglycemia are in need of medication from time to time to control their blood sugar, and fall is no exception. In the doctor’s advice to choose drugs to lower blood sugar class to take, medication at the same time to pay attention to diet and warmth issues, so as not to cause the drug does not play any role.

6, pay attention to the time and water temperature of the foot soak

As the climate turns cooler in the fall, many people also choose to warm up in the evening by soaking their feet. High blood sugar patients should pay attention to the time and water temperature when soaking their feet, the water temperature is appropriate, not too long and not too short.

The health of high blood sugar patients in the autumn is also to control blood sugar from all aspects, such as diet and warmth, to avoid its instability. In the diet should be light, as much as possible low sugar, low-calorie, do not eat spicy, greasy food. In the fall, we should also pay attention to the timely increase or decrease of clothing, and proper exercise can enhance the body’s ability to resist disease. Patients with hyperglycemia need to adhere to long-term medication to control their blood sugar, so it is important to pay attention to these aspects of diet to avoid recurring changes in blood sugar.