Cervical spondylosis should not be taken lightly, it is important to actively prevent and treat it.

Cervical spondylosis is a common disease among the middle-aged and the elderly, and its onset is related to old age, physical decline, strain, trauma and exposure to cold and dampness. Cervical spondylosis can cause pain, dizziness, headache, numbness of the upper limbs and muscle atrophy in addition to pain in the neck, shoulders, arms, shoulder blades and chest area, and in severe cases can lead to lower limb spasms, walking difficulties and even limb paralysis, urinary and defecation disorders and paralysis.

Cervical spondylosis should never be taken lightly and should be actively prevented.

First, the neck health care exercise frequently, before the first disease emphasis on prevention. Sleep posture should be correct, choose the right height and hardness of the pillow; in order to avoid the occurrence of chronic strain on the neck, long-term ambulatory workers should often do neck function activities. In addition, should do more sports exercise, such as running, tai chi, yoga, aerobics, etc..

(a) Re-care after illness.

Acute seizures should pay attention to rest, available neck brace or collar fixed neck 1-2 weeks, often with 50% safflower alcohol massage bony prominence, massage the upper and lower limbs muscles, and take the initiative to strengthen the activities of the joints; chronic period to functional exercise, often neck bending back and forth, left and right lateral flexion, rotation and other activities, which can promote blood circulation, prevent muscle spasm, atrophy.

Second, adjust the diet to promote rehabilitation. It is advisable to eat foods that nourish the muscles and veins and tonify the blood, and less greasy, fried and deep-fried foods, and warm fruits, such as carrots, yam, leeks, coriander, peaches, grapes, oranges, almond kernels, peach nuts, etc., to help promote the recovery of the disease.

Simple remedies

Appropriate amount of raw Chuanwu, researched into fine powder, plus the amount of old vinegar into a paste, applied externally to the neck, shoulder, upper limb pain parts, about 0.5cm thick, external air permeable paper tape fixed, and hot water bag hot compress 30 minutes, 1 time a day. This recipe has the effect of expelling wind and dampness, warming the meridians and dispersing cold, clearing the collaterals and relieving pain, and is suitable for cervical spondylosis of wind-cold and dampness obstruction of the neck, shoulder and upper limb pain, numbness, activity, cold or rainy days aggravated.