Jujube nutrition is not low, but it can’t replenish blood.

It is time to eat jujube, sweet and crunchy dates taste sweet, in addition to a wealth of nutrients, there are certain pharmacological and health care effects.

There are always friends who ask whether jujube blood tonic is reliable or not.

Strictly speaking, jujube is almost no role in blood replenishment, if you have to relate to blood replenishment, that is fresh jujube contains a high level of vitamin C, vitamin C can promote the body to heme iron absorption, and then indirectly play a limited blood replenishment role.

There are friends who ask, dates are so nutritious, who should never eat them?

In fact, there is no such thing as a person who should never eat dates, it’s just a matter of how much and when to eat them. This truth is not only for dates, but also for other foods, learn to eat scientifically to maximize the nutritional value of the food.

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The jujube is loved by everyone, in addition to its meaning positive celebration outside, in the nutritional value is really outstanding, not only is the New Year’s holiday essential dried fruit, but also is soup, porridge, raw food of choice for good food. In addition, jujube belongs to everyone’s familiar “medicinal food with origin” one of the food, nutrition naturally needless to say, and the pharmacological effect and health care effect is also worthy of affirmation.

Jujube nutrition is not low, but it is not good for blood.
A, dates contain a variety of nutrients

1, dates polysaccharide: dates polysaccharide is composed of a variety of monosaccharides, with a complex molecular structure, including neutral polysaccharide and acidic polysaccharide.

2, vitamins: dates are rich in vitamins, especially vitamin C. The vitamin C content of fresh dates is the first in all fruits.

3, biological active substances: dates are rich in organic acids, terpenes, adenosine, flavonoids and so on.

Jujube nutrition is not low, only can not replenish blood!
In fact, “jujube” in China has a long history of medicinal use, the “Jin Chiang Yao”, “on wounded cold”, “the materia medica” have related records, so what are the medicinal effects/health effects of red jujube?

  1. Immune-enhancing effects



4、Prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases

5, tonifying the middle Jiao, nourishing blood and calming the spirit

It should be noted that these effects are derived only from the nutritional composition of dates, without considering the amount and the actual environment in which they are consumed, and it is recommended that you can maintain a targeted frequency of consumption in your daily diet in order to achieve their effects.

Dates are not low in nutrition, only they do not replenish blood
However, the sugar content in dates is very high, especially dried dates have a greater impact on the blood sugar of diabetics, diabetic friends according to their own blood sugar response, selective control of less fresh dates, not recommended to eat dried dates.

Of course, for all fans, it is also recommended to eat fresh dates, one because fresh dates have more vitamin C content, and two because dried dates have higher sugar content, so it is still better to eat fresh dates.