Napping with your eyes closed is good for your liver.

Chinese medicine believes that “the liver opens the orifices in the eyes”, meaning that the physiological functions of the eyes mainly rely on the blood of the liver to moisten and nourish them, and the “Huang Di Nei Jing” has long had “the liver receives blood and can see”. At the same time, it emphasizes that the liver is the main reservoir of blood, and that “when a person lies down, the blood returns to the liver”, that is, as long as a person closes his eyes or falls asleep, the liver can play its function of reservoir of blood. Therefore, the traditional health, very much emphasis on through the closed eyes to nourish the liver, eyelids are equivalent to the liver work and rest switch, the eyes a closed, the liver blood hidden, the liver began to recuperate. Close the eyes to nourish the spirit, daytime nap is an important method of nourishing the liver and blood.

Close the eyes to nourish the liver can be in the work, study gap, also optional quiet place to sit alone with eyes closed, excluding all external interference. Calm the mind and nourish the spirit, so that the whole body meridian unblocked, qi and blood flow. In the closed eyes at the same time, with eye exercises, to improve dizziness, blurred vision, dry eyes, eye muscle fatigue and other symptoms. The specific practice is: lightly close the eyes, with two thumbs from the inner corner of the eyes to rub 24 times; or two hands and four fingers together, with the fingertips on both eyes to gently outward 24 times, and then inward 24 times.

Daytime nap can be taken after lunch, after dinner, close your eyes and take a nap not only for the liver to supply more blood, but also for the liver cells to provide sufficient oxygen and nutrients, beneficial to the liver, has been suffering from liver disease, it is a simple but effective way to protect the liver. Research results show that when the closed eyes rest flow through the liver’s blood than when standing activity increased by about 40%, through the liver’s blood flow is greater, the liver gets more nutrition supply, can speed up the recovery of liver cells.