Autumn lungs should be “warm and quiet”

After autumn, the weather is still very hot, and many people still maintain their eating habits of blowing air conditioners and eating cold drinks in the summer, which is called “autumn travel and summer”. Although the temperature is unchanged, but the solar energy has been converted, autumn winds, morning and evening temperature gradually increase, the world’s yang energy gradually close, a little inattention will be the attack of external evil.

According to Chinese medicine, “the lung for the body and high position of the clear deficiency, for the five organs and six internal organs of the cover, open in the nose, outside the skin and hair, external sensation of six obscene evil from the mouth, nose and skin and hair into the lung, more first offense, the lung leaves delicate, not tolerate heat and cold, easy to be invaded by evil and disease.” In other words, the lungs for the delicate organs, avoid hot and cold avoid dryness and sadness, so the autumn lungs to do “warm” “Run” “static”.

Dressing “warm”. The lungs for the Huagai, connected with the throat and nose, for the health of the body is vital. In autumn, temperature changes, breathing problems, nasal congestion and other symptoms are more common. After autumn, the nasal mucosa on the cold air stimulation in the morning and evening discomfort, easy cold, flu, runny nose. Therefore, the morning and evening to appropriate clothing, but also more massage nose, not only nourish the lungs, but also to prevent nasal congestion and runny nose.

Diet “Run”. 1. replenish the lungs to prevent dryness. It is recommended that you eat more foods that nourish the lungs and prevent dryness, such as lotus seeds, lilies, white fungus, pumpkin, loquat. For those who have weak spleen and stomach functions and are prone to indigestion, they can eat Poria, Gorgon, yam, millet, white lentils, and for those who have dry mouth and tongue, they can add maitong, dendrobium, and prince ginseng. Two dietary recipes are recommended. The first is liquid-boosting soup: take 15 grams of xuan ginseng, 12 grams of mai dong, 12 grams of Sheng Di, together with decoction, dry mouth and thirst, recurrent mouth ulcers, habitual constipation, chronic pharyngitis and other conditions can be taken. The second is the silver fungus and lily soup: silver fungus, lily of the valley is mild in nature, the two together with the soup drinking, can replenish energy and nourish yin, moisten the lungs to relieve cough, tranquilize the mind, suitable for easy fire, deficiency is not toned people. Less pungent and more sour. According to the “Su Wen – Organic Gas Law on time”: “lung main autumn, lung astringent, anxious to eat acid to collect, with acid to make up for it, Xin venting of the.” It is recommended that we try to eat less ginger, chili and other pungent products, and eat appropriate sour fruits and vegetables, such as tomatoes, umeboshi, grapes, to help nourish the lungs.

It’s a good idea to eat sour fruits and vegetables, such as tomatoes, plums and grapes, to help nourish the lungs. In autumn, the five organs correspond to the lungs, the lungs in the Chi for grief, so autumn to try to inner peace, peace of mind, emotional comfort, avoid sadness and sadness, even if you encounter unhappy things, should also take the initiative to self-regulate, to prevent damage to the lungs. “Quiet” does not mean no exercise, but that exercise should not be intense, you can choose a relaxed and gentle aerobic projects, such as walking, jogging, playing tai chi, etc., to prevent excessive sweating, yang depletion.