Bad liver, liver depression plagued by these 5 effects less! Sparing the liver, do 3 things less and stick to 2 pushes

The liver is the body’s largest detoxification, detoxification organs, liver toxins in the body accumulate, the toxins can not be discharged, the internal organs will be damaged.

If liver toxins are not discharged, liver depression will result, and the body’s qi and blood will be out of balance, causing many diseases to occur.

Liver depression is caused by the dysfunction of the liver’s drainage function and the imbalance of the dysfunctional qi.

So, what are some of the things in life that can cause liver stagnation?

  1. bad moods

In Chinese medicine, “the liver likes to be in a good mood, and it’s bad for depression”, which can lead to liver depression if you are in a bad mood for a long time.

The unhealthy emotions include: great sadness and joy, sulking, depression, etc. Liver-Qi depression is not formed overnight, but is the result of accumulation. Liver-Qi stagnation is not formed overnight, but is the result of accumulation over a period of time.

In the long run, once it accumulates to a certain degree, it will “explode” and lead to the appearance of liver depression.

2、Mental stimulation

Mental stimulation is a broader concept, such as divorce, birth, old age, death, unemployment, etc., which directly affects the human spirit due to external factors.

Depending on each person’s ability to withstand mental stimuli, the degree of liver depression varies.

  1. Diseases

As the saying goes, “All illnesses are related to each other.” If the body has some chronic diseases, the body’s Qi and blood flow is not smooth, which will also affect the liver’s ability to move Qi, leading to Liver Qi stagnation.

What are the dangers of Liver-Qi stagnation?

Insomnia: that is, insomnia and dreamlessness, easy to wake up from sleep, poor sleep quality.

2, headache: more often in women, long-term mood swings, irritability, thus inducing the appearance of headache.

Breast nodules: if liver qi is not functioning properly, it can lead to breast nodules or even breast cancer.

4, obesity: liver qi depression, depression and thinking, will lose appetite, metabolism slows down, limbs lazy, weight will soar.

Low menstrual flow: for women, liver depression can lead to low menstrual flow and even amenorrhea.

Poor liver, usually push 2 more places to comb out liver qi and prevent liver depression

1, push the feet: first left foot after the right foot, from the back of the foot along the foot seam to the direction of the toes, with a little force, so that it has a sore feeling, each foot fifty times each.

2, push the liver meridian: push the liver meridian, sit down, first bend the left leg, the knee flat, so that the palms of both hands overlapping the root of the left thigh inside, a little force forward to the knee, first left and then right, each 50 times, to feel pain as good (if there is no pain, Chinese medicine theory that “through is not pain”, indicating that the liver meridian smooth). You can push through the clothes, can also be in the skin coated with some emollient oil directly push, this effect is better.

Note: 1. It is best not to push the Liver meridian after 11:00 pm. According to the midday flow note, after 11 p.m. the liver and gallbladder meridians are at rest one after another.

In addition, the liver is bad and stagnant, the body also sends out these 9 signals to remind.

Insomnia, sleeplessness, waking easily, especially at 1 to 3 am.

  1. Poor complexion, acne, many and heavy brown spots.

3: Severe oiliness, hair loss and hair fall.

  1. bitterness and heavy breath.

Bad liver, liver depression plagued by these 5 effects less! Sparing the liver, do 3 things less and stick to 2 pushes
5, dry eyes, itchy, dark circles, obvious

  1. Red and yellow urine, unformed stools, or constipation.
  2. reddened palms (liver palms) with vertical nail lines.
  3. the presence of spider moles.
  4. Unexplained right shoulder pain, right upper abdominal pain