Coincidence? Did he really run the election?

On November 15, A US human rights lawyer, Ms Leigh Dundas, posted a video dedicated to Trump‘s 2018 executive order targeting foreign interference in us elections.

We introduced you to some of the sanctions in the executive Order in “The Big Crooks Will Lose Their Shirts! Executive Orders to Interfere with Elections are Too much for them to bear in their lives.” And now to some other interesting things from Dantes’ lawyer.

After explaining the executive order, Dundas went on to talk about Scytl, which Forbes reports was founded in Spain in 2001. According to Wikipedia, Setser originated from a cryptography research project at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. It sounds more like a foreign entity than a domestic one.

Interestingly, According to The company’s own press release, Mr. Settel has been consistently favored and recognized by election and industry experts in various organizations, including Ovum research analyst Nishant Shah, who frequently appears in the company’s newsletter. What do you think is involved? Shah is a member of the Global Business Alliance! And the founding sponsor of the Global Business Alliance was George Soros! Not only that, but Shah is also involved with the Acumen Foundation, whose board includes Soros’s daughter. Coincidence? What a coincidence!

Andrea Widburg of The American Thinker had earlier reported on Scytl and Soros, both of whom have ties to Democrats. Setell’s own insider says That Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen’s Paul Volken Capital has invested $40 million in Setell (Scytl), while other sources point out that Bill Gates also owns setell stock.

Now that the date set by the executive order on December 18 is getting closer and closer, and various kinds of evidence are emerging, it is becoming more and more popular to focus on whether the election rigging culprits will be sanctioned by the executive order.