McConnell betrayed Trump’s wife Chao’s family over ties to China

Zhao Xiaolan (left), her father Zhao Xicheng (middle) and younger sister Zhao Anji attend the 42nd annual meeting of The East American Chinese Academic Association.

As President Donald Trump‘s campaign launched a legal challenge against Democratic candidate Joe Biden for alleged fraud, senior Republican Mitch McConnell suddenly reversed course, acknowledging Biden’s election and warning the Republican party against resistance. There was a lot of condemnation. Zhao xiaolan’s family reportedly has considerable contacts with top Communist party officials.

Electors in American states voted on December 14 to choose a president and vice president amid vote-rigging protests. Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, Wisconsin, Arizona and Nevada, all of which Trump has previously featured in lawsuits, voted for Biden. The result was 306 for Biden and 232 for Trump.

But the biden campaign’s Revelations of premeditated, widespread fraud have led Trump’s legal team to amassing evidence of electoral fraud and filing lawsuits in a number of swing states. Republican caucuses in some states scrambled to cast their electors in favor of Trump and Pence.

The day’s results were marked by a special “one state, two sets of results”. The result of the vote will be confirmed by the US Congress on 6 January.

U.S. President Donald Trump (r) and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell

Mr McConnell defected

But at this critical moment, the senior Republican, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, suddenly defected.

McConnell on January 15 acknowledged Biden as the president-elect, and called on republicans not to oppose congressional certification of the electoral college on January 6. He also warned Republican senators not to join house Republicans in an electoral college challenge that would put them at a considerable disadvantage.

Mr McConnell’s move drew plenty of condemnation. On social media, a Trump supporter said it was important to let McConnell know that “we don’t share his biden mentality.”

In a twitter retweet early Saturday morning, Trump said trump Allies were accusing McConnell of congratulating Biden. Trump also said he won 75 million votes, a record for a sitting president. Mr McConnell gave up too soon. Republicans must finally learn to fight. The people are angry!

Former National Security Adviser General Mike Flynn told Trump: There are millions, millions, millions of patriots standing behind you, beside you, in front of you at this critical moment in American history. “We are not going to fail or shrink like some in the Republican Party.”

According to reports, McConnell betrayed Trump at a critical moment, and there may be a deeper story behind it.

According to media reports, McConnell’s wife, Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao, has a family with close ties to the top echelons of the Communist Party, and Zhao’s father was an alumna of the party’s former leader, Jiang Zemin. Mr. Biden’s side also has close ties to the Chinese Communist Party, so it was no surprise that Mr. McConnell turned to Mr. Biden at the last minute.

U.S. President Donald Trump was backed by Vice President Mike Pence (left) and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (right).

The Zhao family has close ties to Beijing

Chao, who was born in Taiwan and speaks fluent Chinese, is the first Chinese American to serve as a federal minister.

On June 3 last year, the New York Times published a lengthy article based on interviews, reviews of industry filings and government documents, revealing that Ms. Chao and her family company, Fumao, had close ties to Beijing’s political and business circles.

The zhao family’s ties to the Communist Party date back decades, the report said. Zhao’s father, Zhao Xicheng, was at one time a schoolmate of Jiang Zemin before he fled China before the Communist party seized power in 1949.

The Zhao family later took a stake in a state-owned maritime electronics manufacturer. The company sells mainly to the Communist Party’s military and other departments, and has close ties to the ministry of Electronics industry, where Jiang zemin was then minister.

After Jiang became party leader, Zhao met jiang at least six times, including at Zhongnanhai in August 1989, after the June 4th massacre of the Communist Party. At the time, the Communist Party was facing economic sanctions from the international community.

The report says Zhao’s family company, Fumao, built some of its ships at State-owned Chinese shipyards, some of them financed by loans from the Communist Party government. More than 70 percent of Fumao’s cargo, most of it iron ore, is destined for China, according to 2019 shipping data.

As Ms Chao’s political stature grew, the Party sought to woo the Zhao family. An official Communist Party publishing house in recent years has published an authorized biography of her parents and hosted a launch ceremony attended by senior Party officials. When Zhao visited Beijing in 2018, the Communist Party’s transport minister gave her two hand-painted portraits of her parents.

In addition, at her confirmation hearing for secretary of Transportation, the Senate asked nominees to list all honorary positions, but Ms. Chao did not mention her family’s Ties to China or disclose any honors she has received in China, such as an international adviser to the Communist Party government in Wuhan.

U.S. Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao.

Elaine Chao is under investigation

On September 16 last year, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee announced that Ms Chao was under investigation. She is accused of using her position in the Trump administration to benefit her family’s shipping business. Because her family’s shipping company has long been linked to Beijing, and because Mr. McConnell is her husband, the investigation could be wide-ranging.

In June 2020, Ms. Chao sold Vulcan shares. From April 2018, when Chao said she would cash out, to Selling on June 3, Vulcan’s stock rose more than 16 percent and she netted more than $50,000, according to market data.

On December 15, the Wall Street Journal reported that the House Oversight and Reform Committee was conducting an ethics investigation into whether Chao used her position as transportation secretary to benefit her family.

The scope of the investigation includes: Zhao xiaolan used her official position to enhance The group’s influence and status in the Communist Party government; And the Chinese Communist Party provided Hundreds of millions of dollars in low-interest loans to Fumao to buy ships flying foreign flags, among other things.