The Old McConnell is out! Soliciting donations from dodgier lobbyists to overturn two integrity laws

Mitch McConnell, the Republican leader in the Senate, made headlines again recently when he publicly acknowledged Biden’s victory. Don’t be surprised, McConnell had a spectacular performance last year. As Newsweek reported last July, Mr. McConnell received donations from doddering voter-machine lobbyists in early 2019, and on July 25 he overturned two integrity laws. The two bills would impose new regulations and financial burdens on two of the largest suppliers of electronic voting machines in the United States: electoral systems and software, and dodgy voting systems.

Together, the two companies now account for 80 percent of all voting machines in the United States and have influential lobbying organizations in Washington, DC, according to a report by Sludge, a research body that mines political donations.

One twitter user, Joe Biden, tweeted: “A man-eating crocodile out of the water!” Mr McConnell was a “pusher and lobbyist” for dodkyvoting machines, and prevented prosecutors from investigating them. It was the huge spider the New York Post said was hiding in the gingerbread house!”

He Qinglian, an economist in The US, commented: “Up to now, I simply don’t think the company that sells voting machines has the strength to do this kind of expensive buying. It can only be said that the production of this kind of voting machine is intended for the election of some countries. Whether it is profitable or not is not a matter for investors to consider. This is the product of political investors. The economics of what to produce, for whom to produce, and profit targets are well represented in multi-dodgier companies. “