For the communist Party platform pro-communist group promoter Lee shiyan suddenly died satirize Zhouting current news?

Local media reported that lee Shiyan, a promoter of a pro-communist party in Hong Kong, passed away in Buai Hospital at the age of 56.

Local media reported that lee Shiyan, a promoter of a pro-communist party in Hong Kong, passed away suddenly today at the age of 56. It is reported that she tested positive for the pneumonia virus in Wuhan after her death.

According to The Stand News, she had been absent from the public for some time. The last time she appeared on her Facebook page was four days ago. She criticized the former convener of the new youth policy, Leung Chung-heng, for being in exile in the United States. And the tag, “Who’s next?” On the same day, she also shared photos of Lai being detained, adding tags such as “Should this be reported”, “Poison Hong Kong” and “Support the National Security Law”.

In July 2013, Lin Huisi was accused by the communist Party of China for disturbing the truth points of Falun Gong in Mong Kok. Later, he was attacked by an employee from the 18 district Family Association and the Association. Li’s action caused dissatisfaction among representatives from many districts. Some complained that the federation had been hijacked and politicized, and asked the Education Bureau to intervene.

He had formed a “justice League” in October 2013. The so-called “Justice League” was in fact a part of the Occupy Central movement against the fight for democracy.

On July 7, 2014, he established a “support police alliance”. On August 3, 2014, he held a demonstration for support police.

In March 2016, she was ousted as president of the Justice League after being accused of underpaying 220,000. In the same year, she ran for the Legislative Council as the Justice League, only to lose by more than 2,900 votes.

In October 2018, an INDEPENDENT Commission against Corruption charged him for alleged electoral fraud. In February last year, the department of Justice offered no evidence in the case, and Mr. Lee was allowed to sign conservative warrants for 18 months for HK $2,000.

In addition, he/she had been weisong/sisyan for at least 20 times in the past 25 years. A search through the court records of an online media found that a person named Li Yanqing had been accused by new World Development of issuing a blank cheque as early as 1992. In addition, in 1993, he was being pursued by TVBS for money owed by him from the advertisement. In total, he was involuntarily prosecuted for 4 bad checks, and he also had 5 overdue rental and repossessed records.

In response to the death of sisyan, an online outcry, some netizens said that he had loved the party all his life, and was finally killed by the Wuhan virus. Some people think that she is too many acts of injustice to shoot herself. Some users said with laughter that they had been summoned by MAO Zedong, after death you can cover the area flag.

One day before he was sentenced, He appeared on Weisong’s Facebook with an ironic statement, “Where there is a way from heaven, you don’t walk through hell without a gate.” He pointed out the correct direction from the weisong and said he had chosen it by himself. Weisong pointed out that he was now dead, with his strong points, karma, “virus has eyes”, “inflammation law enforcement”!