Thank the CCP for revenge! Australians don’t have to spend a fortune to eat lobster Free

Australia-china relations between the two countries of rapidly recently, Australia is not only a requirement survey in wuhan pneumonia virus (virus) origin, also made it clear voice on xinjiang, Hong Kong and other issues, let the extreme discontent, on barley, mutton, beef, coal, lobster, and wood products such as Australia, offering the tariffs and import ban in retribution for Australia. Earlier, it was reported that the Chinese Communist Party had detained an Australian lobster worth $3 million at Shanghai customs without explanation until it died. But as the price of lobsters has plummeted, Australians have been able to enjoy lobster freedom without spending a fortune.

Lobster prices in Australia have plummeted as exports to China have been blocked, reported. As a result, Australians have been able to realize “lobster freedom” and rush to buy luxuries on their dining tables. Due to the good sales, Australia’s two largest supermarket chains, Woolworths and Coles, had to announce purchase restrictions one after another. Woolworths supermarket has imposed a restriction of four lobsters per person per transaction at its stores across Australia, and coles Supermarket will impose the same restriction starting Tuesday, the Australian newspaper reported.

Coles introduced half-price lobsters ahead of Christmas this year, with the Western Australian rock lobster dropping to a $20 (about NT $420) each, the same price as Woolworth’s. Coles has sold 29 times more lobsters this year than last. A supermarket spokesman said it was “fantastic” to see so many customers wanting to support the local seafood industry and that Coles had an Australian priority sourcing policy. “We are proud to be able to source seafood from all over the country, especially at a time when our suppliers are restricted in their export of seafood,” he said.

Woolworths, another Australian supermarket chain, has sold more than twice as many lobsters in just four days as it did in the whole of Last Christmas. Mr Woolworth estimates that more than 35 tonnes of lobster will be sold this year, compared with 6.5 tonnes last year. A Woolworth spokesman said the restrictions were in place to ensure more customers could enjoy the lobster in time for Christmas. Tim Dudding, head of Meat and seafood at Woolworth, said selling more lobsters was a “win-win” for the industry and consumers, providing a way out for western Australian fishermen and allowing more ordinary families to enjoy a lobster dinner at Christmas.

However, according to the Australian broadcasting corporation (ABC) 11, Woolworth west Australian rock lobster suppliers, root, chief executive of geraldton fishermen cooperatives (Matt Rutter’s) stressed that woolworths lobster procurement constitute only a small part of the company of the total catch, but still very important, because consumers can buy cheaper local lobster, lobster processing also need more human resources.