Biden is afraid of trump’s trick. Florida governor won’t admit defeat as president-elect

The governor of Florida refused to concede that he had been elected president, and many Chinese said they could move to another state besides Texas. “Americans are not fools,” the Virginia gubernatorial candidate called on Trump to declare martial law.

Chinese commentators: To admit stealing is to deny the rule of law, Chinese scholars study: the left is afraid of This move by Trump, so they plan so.

The Chinese argue that President Trump has given suspected cheaters one last chance to confess. Now, let’s take you through history and see how President Lincoln counterinsurgency: Arrest the Chief Justice! Turn off hundreds of media! Catch media bosses, editors, congressmen. Thousands of suspected separatists have been arrested and detained without trial in marginal states.

The governor of Florida did not recognize Mr. Den as the president-elect

Yesterday, December 15, Florida Governor DeSantis refused to recognize Biden as the “president-elect,” saying: “It’s not up to me to decide who gets elected president. In the Electoral College in Florida, we made our choice. In fact, some people have not accepted Trump for four years, and Trump supporters feel so frustrated. In the last week of the election, Hillary Clinton said That Putin had stolen the American election.

Licensed real estate agent, Florida, Limei Li Mei (@ xlmsnow, said, proud of the governor of our state. Let’s hope republican governors follow suit. Both the governor and the senate and House of Representatives who acknowledged That Mr Den had been elected president should be investigated.

As well as moving to Texas, there seems to be an alternative to Florida, according to Twitter users.

“Americans are not fools,” says Virginia gubernatorial candidate Donald Trump, declaring martial law

State Senator Amanda Chase, a candidate for governor of Virginia, takes part in a march in Richmond, Va., on July 4.

Early Tuesday morning, Amanda Chase, the Republican candidate for governor of Virginia, called on President Trump to declare martial law, saying Biden won by fraud that she and many other Americans will never accept.

“Joe Biden is not my president and never will be,” Chase wrote in a Facebook post early Tuesday morning. Americans are not fools, we know you cheated to win, and we will never accept these results. We accept a fair election, but we will never accept a rigged victory. It’s not over yet. So thank you very much to President Trump for his perseverance and refusing to back down. President Trump should declare martial law as advised by General Michael Flynn.”

Chase also cited a series of illegal practices by Virginia Democrats who cheated by mail in order to win the election under the guise of a communist virus. Chase also said she is working with lawyers for The Virginia Project and Sidney Powell to uncover widespread fraud in Virginia.

Chase stressed that lawbreakers cannot go unpunished, and asked for help from aspiring people, while encouraging people to continue to pray and remain confident in their support of Trump’s fight to take back Virginia.

Accept The Washington Post on Tuesday in an interview with The Washington Post, chase, said she was full of hope, on January 6 during The joint meeting of congress will be officially announced The trump for The winners, but when The senate majority leader Mitch McConnell (Mitch McConnell) on Tuesday for The first time publicly acknowledged that biden’s victory, she thought, martial law is imperative.

Chinese commentator: To admit stealing is to deny the rule of law, scholar: the left fears this from Trump

Cao Changqing, a Chinese-American writer and political commentator, said that the admission of Biden by McConnell, the Republican leader in the Senate, was not only wrong, but also made the situation worse for President Trump. Joe Biden was not elected, he stole. Mr McConnell’s admission gives legitimacy to those who stole the election. For anyone who believes that this election was stolen, even after all of President Trump’s legal proceedings have been completed, this should not be a gesture of endorsement of theft. To admit to stealing is to deny the rule of law.

Chinese in America, the communist party of China political and economic scholars qinglian, said the Arizona transfer machines do legal audit news, Michigan, and sentenced to trump won a small case, 20000 votes, another big cases, involving 200000 votes first sentence sentence after winning), reminds me of: this is the calm trump, there’s hope, don’t go to extremes. In the waiting process, popularity is fading, and the chance to launch the 2018 presidential decree is slipping away. If you really want to correct the fraud, why should you?

Wang Du-ran, a commentator on, said what He meant was that the court decisions were not in good faith, but hoped that such an inconclusive victory would allow Trump to continue his legal fight and not impose limited martial law. An attempt to make America’s patriots lose information while they wait and make Trump miss the opportunity to launch his 2018 executive order.

Trump: Give suspected cheaters one last chance to confess

On December 3, Trump presented the Medal of Freedom at the White House

On December 14, members of the electoral College in each state will gather to vote for the president of the United States in a fraudulent 2020 election.

According to a commentary published on, a website with a signed deputy chief of staff, Donald Trump has sent a clear message to the cheating states on November 15, saying that those who ignore cheating and insist on voting will always be regarded as evidence of a coup.

In fact, under amity law of the Sea jurisprudence, even if the Electoral College voted for Biden, its members would not be in any danger, since cheating or not has not been decided by the court, and “suspected” cannot be used as evidence against the Electoral College. Only the governor, the secretary of state, the elector, who certifies the electoral college, needs to be more careful than ever, because there’s no reason for them to stay out of it if their state cheats.

‘In this case, Dec. 14 would be a threshold that could be crossed and the fight over cheating turned bloody in an instant,’ the article said. The reason is very simple, the past means that cannot be changed, it is clear that the fish died or the net broke. So, trump’s message is also a last chance for suspected cheaters to come clean.

The article argues that a hearing on December 16th, especially after the Electoral College vote, is enough to make one think about “catching big fish”. Therefore, I believe that Trump’s style is always the first step, to say the least, that is to say, the state level illegal to do the first day, don’t blame him to do 15.

The article concludes that Trump is the ultimate winner.

See How Lincoln counterinsurgency: Arrest the Chief Justice! Turn off hundreds of media! Catch media bosses, editors, congressmen

U.S. intelligence chief John Ratcliffe is expected to release an assessment of foreign interference in the U.S. election on Friday, which could allow Trump to take action against “traitors” if it is confirmed. In addition, retired U.S. Air Force lieutenant general and public opinion also called on Trump to initiate the Counterinsurgency Act. Take a look at how Lincoln and other presidents counterinsurgency in American history.

During the Civil War, In the Counterinsurgency Act passed under President Jefferson in 1807, Lincoln Key ordered the closure of hundreds of northern newspapers that opposed him and the arrest of their owners and editors. Arrest an Ohio Congressman for speaking out against him. And he signed a warrant for the arrest of Chief Justice Tani, who ruled him unconstitutional.

In the early 1900s, three U.S. presidents used the Counterinsurgency Act.

In 1943, Roosevelt sent troops to Quell race riots in Detroit. In 1957, Dwight Eisenhower, acting on the governor’s “inaction,” sent troops to quell a racially motivated riot at an Arkansas school. In 1968, During the riots that followed the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., Lyndon Johnson sent troops to three cities.

Retired Air Force Lieutenant General David McInerney called on Trump to initiate the Counterinsurgency Act. This week, The Director of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe, is expected to release an assessment of foreign interference in the election, which will also serve as a key basis for whether President Donald Trump enforces martial law, military rule or counterinsurgency.