Acting Attorney General Rosen Warned against foreign interference in the election

A video showing Chinese Communist Party policy adviser Zhai Dongsheng boasting that the communist Party has “old friends at the top” in the US has gone viral in US political circles. Who is zhai Dongsheng’s old friend? Michael Pillsbury, a senior American expert, makes the analysis.

In addition to zhai’s old friend, major U.S. media outlets are also trying to drum up support for the Communist Party. Apollo network introduced the New York Times and CNN yesterday, and today we introduce ABC’s relationship with the Chinese Communist Party.

President Donald Trump has called The state a “den of thieves” for electoral fraud. The state has identified 1,736 voters as guilty of felonies of double voting, but not a single cheater has been charged. Questions abound about the next Senate race.

The president retweeted the senator’s interview, “Trump won the Electoral College and will fight for his country.”

Joe State has confirmed 1,700 double voting felonies but not one person has been charged

Georgia has a lot of attention in the 2020 election. The state has confirmed 1,736 double voting felonies, but not a single cheater has been charged, raising concerns that election fraud will continue in the crucial upcoming Senate race.

Here, Georgia Secretary of State Ben Raffensperger holds a news conference in Atlanta on Nov. 6.

According to Joe state election officials, most double-balloters are Democrats who cast their postal ballots by mail or ballot box and then vote in person on election day. That’s a felony under state law.

Fulton County, which includes Atlanta, had the highest crime rate, with many people casting a second ballot with the permission of poll workers, officials said.

RealClearInvestigations, an American website that specialises in investigative journalism, knows that no cases have been brought to the state attorney-general for a criminal investigation, although the number of suspected double voting felonies is the highest in the state’s history.

Katie Byrd, a spokeswoman for Georgia attorney General Chris Carr, said: “To date, the office has received no referrals for dual-vote cases related to the June 2020 primary or the November 2020 election.”

That directly contradicts a promise made last month by Brad Raffensperger, Georgia’s secretary of state: “Prosecuting those who try to undermine our elections is within the full bounds of the law.”

Some local officials in Joe State had hoped that at least some dual voters would be prosecuted, as an example to deter other cheaters from committing fraud ahead of next month’s second round of senate elections.

“I’m very disappointed by the lack of enforcement of our election law,” said Dennis Brown, the Republican governor of Forsyth County. If something is not done soon, we will get the same result in the Senate elections in January.

Under Joe state law, double voting is a felony punishable by one to 10 years in prison and a fine of up to $100,000.

Who is zhai Dongsheng’s old friend? Bai Bonrui makes an analysis

A video of Chinese communist Party policy adviser Zhai Dongsheng boasting that the communist Party has “old friends at the top” in the US has attracted attention in western political circles. Who are these old friends? Michael Pillsbury, a senior American expert, makes the analysis.

Michael Pillsbury, director of China strategy at the Hudson Institute, a U.S. think tank, spoke to Fox Dec. 14. A veteran China expert, he said the Communist Party had bought democracies with money, tricked “naive” members of democratic societies into not realizing the party’s dangers and had to “wake up.”

The FOX host then showed a video of Zhai saying that the Chinese Communist Party has “old friends” and “people up there” in the Powerful inner circle of the United States. The host asked, “Who are these old friends?”

“I think he [Zhai Dongsheng] is right. He is not exaggerating. His old friends here are not some spies but people who are obsessed with making money from the Communist Party.”

Mr. Zhai, Mr. Bai said, had let out an ‘open secret’ that few Westerners could challenge the Communist Party and that more people, especially the wealthy and wealthy, chose to sleep with it.

“When the Communist Party says this openly [with people at the top], they don’t see it as a crime.” “They [the Communist party] love Us billionaires like Michael Bloomberg,” says Mr Barberi. At least 50 U.S. millionaires worth more than $1 billion have traveled to China and made big money there, Mr. Barberi said.

Who else do these people have? “There is a long list,” Says Bai, of those who regularly stand up for the Party. “If you read the party’s daily newspaper, you will find some [western] people who say China is not a threat and should cooperate, not necessarily direct, but indirect and obscure.”

“If you say the right thing, you can make a lot of money in China. If you say the wrong thing, you can go to jail.” He cites hunter Biden’s Chinese partner who inexplicably disappeared.

Trump retweets senator’s interview: Trump won the Electoral College to fight for our country

Trump retweeted an interview with Republican Congressman MOE Brooks, who said Tuesday that he will not give up and fight for his country.

Republican Representative MOE Brooks vowed to Lou Dobbs in an interview On Monday that he would not back down. He said either be a capitulator or fight for the country. “Trump won the Electoral College,” he added.

The Trump campaign continues to deny Biden’s victory, calling on voters to contact their representatives and have them read reports of election fraud. January 6 is the day when Congress certifies the electoral College vote.

Trump on Thursday retweeted an appeal posted on Twitter by writer and talk show host Kewin McCullough and a report identifying fraud in the Michigan election. The call advised Trump supporters to ignore the Electoral College’s confirmation of Biden’s victory and use the time to forward the fraud report to their house and Senate representatives for them to read.

Identification of the Dominion by the voting machine, According to Kevin McCullough, showed that in one Michigan county, the machine transferred 33 percent of All Votes cast for Trump to Biden.

Trump retweeted the post, saying the highly respected Michigan judge had issued a “breathtaking report.”

Trump also said the fake election did not hold water. He called on Republicans to act. Another theory is that this is big news. The Dominion voting machines are a disaster across the country. It changed the outcome of the landslide election. I can’t let that happen. Thank the judge for his genius and heroic patriotism. Deserve a medal!

Acting Attorney General Rosen warned of foreign interference


President Donald Trump announced On Monday that Attorney General William Barr would step down and be replaced by Deputy Attorney General Jeff Rosen, taking over as acting attorney general amid election turmoil. Rosen warned in August of possible foreign interference in the U.S. presidential election.

In August, Rosen warned of foreign interference in the U.S. election. As for the suspected fraud in the election, Rosen said he had found no evidence that foreign forces had altered the outcome, but added that “certain foreign forces are secretly trying to destroy our trust in the election because they are authoritarian governments, as opposed to democracies.”

The RELATIONSHIP between ABC and the Chinese Communist Party

The mainstream media in the United States in the election legal battle, the election fraud to the truth, complicity. President Donald Trump’s oldest son, Donald Trump Jr., tweeted on Dec 10 that he accused the media of being paid off by the Communist Party.

In May, an investigation by the Federalist, an online conservative magazine, summarized the media’s business relationship with the Communist Party. Today, Apollo network introduces the relationship between ABC and the Communist Party of China.

ABC’s most visible business ties to China are through their joint ventures with Walt disney and ESPN. Both companies have deep financial interests in China’s communist party-controlled economy.

In November 2009, the Communist Government approved plans to create a Disney World theme park in Shanghai. The project cost about $3.6 trillion and was financed by several of China’s largest state-owned enterprises. After construction, Disney will retain only 43 percent of the property, while the Communist Party-controlled Shanghai Shendi Group will take the remaining 57 percent.

ESPN, another ABC entity, was caught bidding for the Communist government in October 2019. While the NBA refuses to condemn the Chinese Communist Party for its economic interests, ESPN supports the NBA to ensure its fiscal 2019 revenue. At the time, ESPN’s senior news director reportedly instructed employees to avoid discussing Chinese politics if asked about them or Daryl Morey’s pro-Hong Kong twitter feed.

Helen Rowley, senior author of The Federalist, said us companies were forging these financial relationships with Chinese companies to gain access to China’s huge consumer market of 1.4 billion people. ABC affiliates such as ESPN and ABC News need to reassure the CCP that their programs, whether through positive news coverage or compliance with the cybersecurity law, need to get their programs on Chinese screens in order to make money in the Chinese market.

According to Emily Jashinsky, a Federalist magazine, ABC’s cozy relationship with the Communist Party also translates into an image of the party at the American box office. Disney’s relatively new film Mulan is a case in point. To maintain access to the lucrative Chinese market, US studios such as Disney censor productions before or after production to appease the Communist party.

Senator Ted Cruz of Texas has proposed legislation to cut off defense Department aid to any American film company that allows the Chinese Communist Party to censor its content. The legislation is called Stopping Censorship, Restoring Integrity, Protecting Talkies.

Hollywood films often work with the Pentagon and The Department of Defense, using American assets as props, such as jets, tanks and naval bases. Cruz’s SCRIPT legislation only allows the Defense Department to sign contracts with companies that don’t allow the Communist Party to review their content.

These organizations also work directly with ABC News abroad. According to SENIOR ABC correspondent David Wright, ABC has a lot of ties to its affiliates. In a Project Veritas report, Wright admitted that ABC was a profit centre rather than a beacon of real news.

“[ABC] became a profit center, a publicity center,” Wright says. Like right now, you can’t watch ‘Good Morning America’ without seeing a Disney princess or a Marvel Avenger. It’s all about the company’s self-promotion.”

ABC bowed to the Communist Party in return for more money, but at the cost of journalists’ failure to report the truth and hold those in power accountable.