After drinking why someone full of alcohol someone excited talk more people doze off? Article tell

“If your master wants money, he must have it. Multitudes, horses, and fur coats, shall be exchanged for wine, and with you shall drown all sorrows.” , every time I read this piece of li bai’s “into the heart, always feel is so bold, and drinking is a wonderful thing, in real life, a lot of friends like to drink, but if for the sake of the health right amount makes a necessary limit alcohol, drinking too much, will eventually harm to our health, alcohol into our body, exactly is how to influence all aspects of our body, just by a few common today, but don’t know the reason why some small questions, to introduce the” journey “of the alcohol in the human body.

Why does a person get covered in alcohol after drinking?

A lot of friends know alcohol is metabolized by liver, but why drink alcohol to the stomach, especially under the circumstance of drinking more, the whole person is often covered with alcohol? This is about to enter the body from the alcohol after the absorption, metabolism, excretion process to start.

In drinking, first through our mouth and the esophagus into the stomach, and then also with stomach emptying into the intestines, part of the alcohol will be absorbed by the stomach, and most of the alcohol in our small intestine absorption, the absorption rate is very fast, usually drink five minutes later, there will be alcohol into the bloodstream, and in half an hour or so, alcohol can be completely absorbed into the bloodstream.

The alcohol after absorption into the blood stream, its destination is not merely the liver, mainly through the hepatic metabolism of alcohol into the bloodstream, first under the action of alcohol dehydrogenase into acetaldehyde, further conversion, in under the action of acetaldehyde dehydrogenase is converted into acetic acid, acetic acid will eventually catabolism of water and carbon dioxide, such a process, alcohol can have a process into acetaldehyde, acetaldehyde is a toxic substance, if further in vivo metabolism of acetaldehyde dehydrogenase, acetaldehyde metabolism slows, can form for liver health, large amounts of alcohol intake for a long time, can also affect the liver lipid metabolism, Lead to the accumulation of triglycerides in liver cells, resulting in the problem of alcoholic fatty liver disease.

But in addition to the hepatic metabolism of alcohol, and a small number of alcohol can through the form of a prototype in kidneys filtered into the urine eduction body outside, there is also a small number of alcohol, can enter the lungs, as the breath out of the body, while others may be through the sweat, this a few alcohol although not much, but enough to let people present drunken state, the body of the mouth is filled with alcohol, that is why people drink the wine, especially when drink too much wine, will be covered in the main cause of alcohol.

Why do some people drink and talk much, some people drink and fall asleep, and some people will drink and “broken piece”?

Alcohol after entering the human body, mainly is absorbed into the bloodstream, alcohol as the blood around the body, not just is in the liver metabolism, as a kind of small molecule organic matter, alcohol can also through our blood brain barrier into the brain, alcohol into the brain, since has certain fatty alcohol can through the membranes of brain cells, impact on the functions of the brain to form.

Many people have interpreted this as a stimulant, but this is a misconception. The bottom line is that alcohol inhibits the cerebral cortex. Under normal circumstances, we will have let’s keep in the cerebral cortex of rational function, that is to say our restraint, self-discipline is controlled by the brain, after drinking alcohol from entering the brain, this part will first inhibition of the cerebral cortex function, therefore, the person’s self-discipline ability will decline, was quiet, become love to talk, even some nonsense, demon, and didn’t want to drink more friends, but drink drink drink many, also inhibit alcohol affects the brain control is a kind of expression.

Some friends don’t drink and talk more, also not going, but fall asleep directly, see this situation also many, in fact the emergence of such a situation or individual constitution is different, the friend after entering the brain, alcohol quickly play a strong inhibitory effect, but mainly contain the brain awake that part of the function, its performance is, of course, drink and lethargy.

But for drunken coma, there are two things need to pay attention to, one is sleeping effects of alcohol is not, a lot of friends before going to bed drink a glass of wine, want to be able to help sleep, but in fact, if alcohol inhibition was our first stay rational function, after drinking can lead to performance for excitement, it is more difficult to fall asleep, and even if drunk to sleep quickly, but also have the study found that alcohol intake will affect our “rem”, but rem sleep is to let people into deep sleep, and an important part of maintain good morpheus quality, therefore, drunk sleep quickly, but it may be can’t sleep, the sleep quality is not high; For drunken coma, another point to note is that drunken coma, if it’s just fell asleep, and then pour a nothing important also, but some alcohol metabolism ability of friends, may appear in a coma after drinking, there are some problem of diabetes friends, after a heavy drinking may occur during sleep hypoglycemia risk, the risk in people who drink and lethargy, all pay special attention to, if long time no see, even may lead to deadly risk.

In addition to drink and excited, drunken coma, and your friend will drink to the last drink when a piece of memory, we usually say it is “fragment” to drink, drink a fragment may be a cheat philandering emotional scum boy and girl, but a fragment is a condition in which a person’s real existence, this kind of situation often happen in the short term after a large number of alcohol intake, alcohol memory formation effects on the brain, the brain is still at the receiving information, but not for this period of time to receive information form memories, which creates a “fragment” under the influence of alcohol.

Whether vinous excitement, lethargy, after drinking or drunk fragment, or drunk stagger, unstable, these are all the embodiment in the effects of alcohol on the brain, just different from affect brain function area, therefore, if it is occasional drinking, for the brain to form the health impact is relatively small, and if a lot of drink for a long time, the brain for a long time under the influence of alcohol, may increase alzheimer’s, the health risks of cerebral vascular sclerosis, etc.

After all, love to drink, drink drink more or less, is a very personal question, is their own choice, but if we really pay attention to health, drink and then it is important to note that control of frequency and drinking, drinking a large amount for a long time, can affect the liver, brain health, will also be other organ of the body’s health, do more harm than good.