Insufferably afflictive terminal cancer patient jumps a building to die! No one understands the pain of terminal cancer

A people’s court in Hubei province recently heard a case in which the family of a patient claimed compensation from the hospital.

Cancer patient Huang was transferred to a hospital in September for in-patient treatment, treatment less than a month, the patient could not bear the torture of advanced cancer condition, finally on October 18, while the family, nurses on duty do not pay attention to, chose to jump off a building.

Huang’s family sued the hospital to the court, asking for compensation for the medical expenses, transportation expenses, death compensation and other expenses caused by Huang jumping to his death.

The judge went to the scene for many times, and pulled out the local police record, law enforcement record video and other evidence. Finally, it concluded that the medical services, diagnosis and treatment sites and facilities provided by the hospital in question fully met the industry standards, fulfilled the corresponding security obligations, and fulfilled the nursing obligations, and there was no breach of contract, etc., and the lawsuit claims of Huang’s family members were rejected in accordance with the law.

It’s not the only case of a patient who ends up killing himself because he can’t stand the pain.

Gao died of her injuries after jumping out of the fifth-floor window of an inpatient building in Beijing’s Chaoyang district hospital.

Ms Gao’s family said she had thought about suicide when she learned she had terminal cancer. To prevent accidents, family members take turns looking after them 24 hours a day. And that day, the patient in order to commit suicide twice escort staff. When the escorts arrived at the scene, the consequences were irreversible…

How painful is terminal cancer? Families close above

Let’s start with a netizen who shares the details of caring for his mother-in-law with cancer.

The main character of the story is Lao Qi, a 69-year-old woman with a cheerful, optimistic outlook. She had trouble defecating for two years before she was diagnosed with bowel cancer, but did not go to the hospital for tests because she was already health-conscious and afraid to face the disease.

The old lady’s condition began to deteriorate and she started bleeding in the stool before she mentioned it to her family. Accompanied by her family, the woman went to the hospital for a check-up and was diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer.

In the middle and late stage of colorectal cancer, the doctor suggested chemotherapy first, followed by surgical resection of the lesion. A total of 10 rounds of chemotherapy were planned in advance. After the seventh round of chemotherapy, the doctor found that Lao Qi had developed drug resistance, so he decided not to do the remaining 3 rounds and to seize the time to operate. The operation was very successful, the examination is also very normal, in the hospital for more than a month, Lao Qi was discharged smoothly. After several radiotherapy results are also very good, netizens think according to Lao Qi’s state, live for another 3 or 5 years will not be a problem.

bad news really came, the day when buying vegetables qi accidentally fell, diagnosed as fracture. At the time of preparation for surgical examination of the fracture, a shadow was found in the lungs and liver, suspected to be metastatic cancer. Net friend and his wife took the old qi film to the provincial cancer hospital, find the main knife doctor and ward director before, was told that it is really true, and the tumor metastasis speed is very fast, the patient may only live 2-3 months.

This time the cancer cells are very fierce, qi’s physical condition is getting worse and worse. Liver, lung and bone metastasis are aggravated, swollen feet, no appetite, need to help when walking, frequent back pain, can only rely on painkillers to relieve the pain, and recently even the state of breathing difficulties. family has been afraid to tell the old qi illness, let her think it is a bone fracture surgery caused by physical weakness.

In the days that followed, Qi developed severe edema of his lower extremities and occasionally spoke delighting words. Every day eat a few small porridge, it seems that also exhausted the whole body strength, often a day to sleep.

A few days later, Qi passed away, mainly due to respiratory failure. The narrator said it was a comfort that his illness had progressed so quickly that he did not suffer too much.

Second, patients with advanced cancer need to undergo a variety of hardships

How painful is terminal cancer patient? When cancer develops to a later stage, cancer cells will invade and destroy in the body without restraint, tumor oppression, bone, nerve, viscera, skin and soft tissue infiltration and metastasis, if the pressure on the stomach and digestive tract, the patient will have difficulty swallowing, unable to digest.

In the same way, tumors cause intestinal obstruction, defecation can not come out, is also very uncomfortable. Defecation can not be excreted, intestinal dilatation, gas effusion, serious can burst the intestine, bowel perforation.

In patients with advanced cancer, a restful sleep can be a luxury. When cancer cells invade the nervous system, neurological symptoms may appear, leading to insomnia, headache, vomiting, etc.

Third, cancer terminal, what treatment method can you take commonly?

The doctor with advanced cancer will assess the pain degree of the patient and administer analgesics according to the assessment result and the doctor’s advice according to the three-level analgesic principle. In addition to drug therapy, some non-drug therapy can be combined, such as listening to music, deep rhythmic breathing while sitting quietly, massage and hot compress on the painful position, etc., to distract the patient and relieve the pain.

Most cancer patients have different degrees of fear, anxiety, pessimism, disappointment and other negative psychological emotions, so patients should be given a certain psychological counseling, timely care, help and support advanced cancer patients.

The pain of terminal cancer patients, not everyone can empathize, we can do is to do a good job in the prevention of cancer, do not because of the early body “small problems” to endure even, once the disease, deterioration, it is not want to endure to endure.