96% of patients improved! Doctor taught 6 tips to cure hemorrhoids free surgery

Unspeakable pain! A painful condition in which the pain is not only excruciating when defecating, but in severe cases even when sitting down, and which is excruciatingly painful when excised surgically, but is not without the possibility of recurrence even after a painful blow. The president of Japan anus specialized hospital points out, in fact hemorrhoids is a kind of life habit disease, and as long as simple through the way of changing life habits, 96% of patients may be able to improve, and as soon as 3 months may see the effect of improvement!

Causes and symptoms

Victoria’s Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) points out that small blood vessels and veins near the rectum and anus send less oxygenated blood back to the heart. However, if these blood flows are blocked, the blood vessels may swell, become enlarged or appear lumps, forming hemorrhoids.

The main causes of hemorrhoids include:

Constipation causes long bowel movements

The weight gained during pregnancy puts pressure on the gut

Genetic factors,

Excessive physical labor

Sit on a hard surface for a long time

Some of the symptoms hemorrhoids can cause include:

Anal pain

Defecate bleeding

Hemorrhoids is a disease of living habits! 9 out of 10 patients can cure sores by changing their lifestyle

Masahiko Hirada, president of Hirada Anal Hospital in Japan, said that surgery used to be the mainstream treatment, but the surgery will not only bring pain, there is also the possibility of recurrence, so in recent years when the medical community to treat hemorrhoids will try to avoid removal.

In addition, Hirada Yahiko also believes that hemorrhoids is actually a disease of living habits. As a result of fecal strong alkalinity can attack anus skin, when human body immunity is insufficient, cause anus place to inflame possibly, cause hemorrhoid, anal fissure to wait for a problem possibly as time passes. Although these problems cannot be cured by medicine, they can be prevented, improved and treated through lifestyle changes. In his experience, about 90% of patients can be cured through lifestyle changes.

Yahiko Hirada conducted a questionnaire survey among 128 patients. Before treatment, about 39 of them complained of severe pain, 42 of moderate pain and 40 of mild pain. After three months of improved living habits, the symptoms improved dramatically, and even a year later, 96% of the patients are completely painless, and patients defecate hemorrhoids, bleeding problems have gradually improved, only 4% of patients still have mild pain symptoms.

6 Good Habits to improve hemorrhoids from a Japanese anostomist

Be sure to keep warm

Especially around the waist, because cold is one of the causes of hemorrhoids, cold will make the blood circulation worse, so that blood may be in the anus area, causing hemorrhoids.

Avoid maintaining the same posture for long periods of time

No matter standing or sitting, you should change your posture at any time and take sufficient rest to avoid poor blood circulation and increase the incidence of hemorrhoids.

Improve constipation

According to Acupuncturist Yong Liu, MD, chief director of KORITORERU Treatment Hospital in Japan, constipation may cause poor blood flow, internal hemorrhoids, external hemorrhoids and haemorrhoids, as well as hard feces that can damage the anus and cause anal fissure.

Eliminate stress

Stress lowers the immune system, weakening the body’s defenses against bacteria, making the anus more prone to inflammation and causing hemorrhoids.

Eliminate fatigue

Excessive fatigue and other physical fatigue, will let the fatigue material in the muscle accumulation; Fatigue also lowers immunity, making the anus easily inflamed and raising the risk of hemorrhoids.

Stop drinking

Alcohol dilates and inflames blood vessels, which should be avoided.