Fart is not necessarily colon cancer bowel movement has these 3 kinds of color just terrible

Often put smelly fart is not necessarily colon cancer, to be careful is to solve 3 kinds of specific colors of stool! The news of the recurrence and metastasis of colorectal cancer of Yu Tian’s daughter Yu Yuanqi reminds Taiwan people of the incidence of NO.1 cancer again, many rumors about the symptoms of colorectal cancer began to spread on the Internet, such as farting is a precursor of colorectal cancer and so on.

Excretion and eating are fundamental activities that sustain life, but many people may not be aware of what excreta tells their owners; In addition to the usual red and black stools, there are also the weird green and grey stools. What do these represent? Sometimes the strange color of stool may be a serious health warning. The attending doctor Jiang Kunjun of Chang Gung Gung Hospital made a film with a simple explanation, hoping that all of us can judge our health condition after going to the toilet in the future.

Why is poop compared to “gold”? It turns out to be bile

Generally the stool is yellow, so we will compare the stool as “gold”, but why is the stool more yellow or tan? Doctor Jiang explained that the color of stools is mainly affected by bile. Bile and bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract will become tan after the action, and feces will be dyed brown or yellow because of the concentration of bile in the intestine. It is normal to solve the stools with these colors.

Some people pull out green shit. What’s going on? Doctor Jiang explained that most of the original green stool from the original color of bile, which represents the symptoms of diarrhea; When loose bowels bile does not have enough time and the bacterium action of gastrointestinal tract and become yellow, because this defecate was stained bile original green. The green stool represents the possibility of gastroenteritis, if this situation does not last for a long time, the green stool will turn to brown after a day or two, it is probably no problem.

Off-white stools may represent “pancreatic cancer”!

Be careful if you solve the gray shit! Stool appears gray white, representing it has not been stained by bile, and why not stained by bile? It may be that bile is not secreted into the gastrointestinal tract, and the most common causes of this condition are cancers of the pancreas, gallbladder and biliary tract. Doctor Jiang Kunjun called, once the solution of gray stool must be rushed to the doctor, so as not to delay the treatment time.

The doctor said, in fact, poo has several states are very dangerous! The physician on the next page uses a diagram to show you the body’s health signs

Black or red stools represent gastrointestinal bleeding

See red defecate the first intuition is “blood stool”, actually black defecate also may be blood stool! Why does red blood dye black shit? According to Jiang kunjun, red blood cells contain iron ions, which react with stomach acid and turn black when mixed with stool. Therefore, if the stool appears black, be careful if there is gastrointestinal bleeding.

Then why are both stained with blood, one will turn black and the other red? Doctor Jiang explained that this is because the bleeding location is not the same. If it is bleeding in the stomach or small intestine, the stool will turn black because the iron ions in the red blood cells have been interacting with bacteria for a long time. If be, suffer from large intestine cancer or haemorrhoid, the haemorrhage that colonic cancer and haemorrhoid cause and bacterial action time are not met too long, the blood in defecate won’t become black, but original red.

Sometimes red stool is not necessarily blood stool, like eating red dragon fruit, or eat tomatoes, radishes eat too much, it is possible to discharge red stool. But if you do not eat dragon fruit, such as will stain stool red food, solve the red stool, you should pay attention to the health of the large intestine. “

Doctor Jiang Kunjun arranges key points for everyone: brown, yellow stool is normal, if the green stool may be observed for a few days, and if the white, black, red, must be seen as soon as possible.

People often ask on the Internet: “If often put smelly fart, is it the precursor of large intestine cancer?” Doctor Jiang Kunjun says, this problem wants dozen an X. The link between bowel cancer and farting was not strong, he explained. A person who farts smelly means they produce a lot of ‘sulphur’, which comes from proteins, so people who eat meat tend to fart more smelly.

However, it should be noted that sometimes colorectal cancer does cause smelly farts, especially when the large intestine tumor in the left of the large intestine, it may block the intestinal tract, intestinal blockage can not exhaust, gas in the large intestine will become more smelly. When too much gas builds up in the intestine, it creates a pressure that pushes open a small gap in the large intestine where the tumor is blocking the intestines. So, if you’ve had a bad butt, you have to wonder if you have colon cancer.

To sum up, the excretion situation and the possible corresponding physical conditions are as follows:

Solve the gray stool

Tumors of the pancreas, biliary tract/gallbladder

Solve the black shit

Bleeding in the stomach and small intestine

Solve the red shit

Tumors of the large intestine or hemorrhoids

Solve for the green shit


A smelly chain fart

There is a tumor in the left large intestine

Observe the color and shape of the stool after defecation to know your health condition

Constipation is a common problem for many people, but many people actually scare themselves. A lot of people ask Doctor Jiang how many days a toilet is normal? There are also people with ocD, think every day to a toilet, or constipation. “In fact, according to medical science, as long as you don’t defecate less than twice a week, you basically don’t need to force yourself to defecate once a day, because the function of your stomach and intestines is different,” Jiang said.

Doctor Jiang Kunjun teaches you how to judge what is a “good stool shape”. Normal stool is banana-shaped stool, and smooth banana stool is the best stool shape. Other conditions, such as having cracked bananas or granular stools, may indicate a lack of water and a need to drink more water. If defecate presents soft lump, it is cream shape, water shape even, representing oneself to have the symptom of loose bowels, want to pay attention to oneself food condition.

Doctor Jiang said, “Whether it is a stool or a fart, it can tell us a lot about our health. Don’t flush the stool out immediately after going to the toilet. If you look back, you may catch some diseases hidden in the body early.”