Four minor diseases were not treated in time and got cancer. Unfortunately, you put it off again and again

In fact, it is not alarmist that a minor illness will turn into a serious one if delayed.

A lot of people think that cancer is a sudden appearance, in fact it is not, a person, it is impossible to check a month ago without lung cancer, a month after the examination is lung cancer terminal, cancer and acute appendicitis and other acute diseases, cancer is a long-term chronic process, so many people think that cancer is a chronic disease.

Before cancer occurs, we have a small disease in our body, we call it precancerous lesion, and there is a higher risk of precancerous lesion turning into cancer. So, what are the precancerous lesions in our bodies?

First, the incidence of adenomatous polyps is very high in China. More than 95% of colorectal cancer is caused by adenomatous polyps. In view of the high risk of malignant adenomatous polyps, it is best to remove adenomatous polyps in time.

Second, gastric ulcer is also a precancerous lesion with a high incidence rate. Gastric ulcer occurs because of increased gastric acid secretion, decreased gastric mucosal barrier function, and recurrent gastric ulcer is likely to lead to the formation of gastric cancer. Therefore, timely treatment of gastric ulcer is very important.

Third, chronic hepatitis b viral hepatitis, hepatitis b virus carriers of chronic hepatitis b and chronic viral hepatitis is different, the chronic hepatitis b viral hepatitis is the hepatitis b virus is active, there are liver function damage, this time not treated, chronic hepatitis b viral hepatitis is converted into a high risk of liver cancer, and a simple second liver virus is carried, do not need to antiviral treatment.

Fourth, cervical intraepithelial neoplasia, which is recognized as a precancerous lesion of cervical cancer, is at high risk of turning into cervical cancer and is found to be the best timely treatment.

Above 4 kinds of small disease, belong to cancerous pathological change, if do not treat in time, got cancer to do not know, regrettably, you procrastinate however, the person that suggests to have above 4 kinds of small disease, should treat in time not only, check regularly even, the proposal is once a year.