National Treasure 9 favorite health foods of Chinese medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) of national treasure level abides by the ancient doctrine of “the same origin of medicine and food”, and applies local ingredients in life and medicine practice: lotus root moistens lungs and stops bleeding, water spinach clears heat and detoxifies toxins, white radish diuresis and reduces swelling… There are more local version of health food you do not know, complete open!

As early as the 5th century BC, the Zhou Dynasty had the post of “food doctor”, specially in charge of diet nutrition and health care. 5 healthy longevity of the national treasure level of Chinese medicine people, usually love to eat what to maintain the body?

The answer was unexpected.

Cereal, white rice, white radish, lotus root, water spinach, are all the most common local ingredients, but they have a very good health care effect. National treasure Chinese doctors not only eat them often, but also use them as adjuvant therapy to alleviate the symptoms of diseases.

For example, 100-year-old doctor Jiang Tong thinks that lotus root is the best food for health. In summer, he drinks a cup of fresh lotus root juice every morning, which has the effect of cooling blood and removing fire. Moreover, it has a good curative effect for patients who often suffer from nosebleed.

  1. The lotus root

Lotus root is favored by most Chinese doctors of national treasure level, and it is also a health food advocated by medical experts in past dynasties.

Yuan Mei, an 80-year-old diet expert in the Qing Dynasty, loved lotus root. He mentioned in the Book “With The Garden Food List” that he liked the crunchy taste of the tender lotus root best.

Professor Ma Guangya, who is 90 years old, loves the lotus root ribs soup that moistens lungs and sootens the mind in the autumn and winter.

Lotus root has a variety of therapeutic effects. Modern scientific analysis shows that lotus root contains a lot of iron and has the function of enriching blood.

Rich in vitamin C, antioxidants, polysaccharides and polyphenols may have anti-cancer effects.

In traditional Chinese medicine, raw and cooked lotus root has different effects. Raw and cooked lotus root tastes sweet and cold, which can clear heat and cool blood. When cooked, the taste is mild, which is good for spleen and stomach. Compendium of Materia Medica is called “Linggen”.

Raw food of lotus root can clear heat, stop bleeding and disperse stasis. It is suitable for people who are often thirsty and angry.

The famous wujuyin (pear juice, water chestnut juice, fresh asparagus juice, radix Ophiolis juice, lotus root juice) is used to get rid of fire and gas in the body, eliminate thirst and annoyance, nourish Yin and moisten lungs, and quickly replenish physical strength.

Lotus root has the effect of clearing lung and hemostasis, and is used to treat pulmonary tuberculosis in early stage. And to often bleed nosebleed person, also have hemostatic effect.

Dietitian Xu Yunqing often suffered nosebleeds for unknown reasons during pregnancy, and her symptoms only improved when a Chinese physician suggested drinking sugarcane juice and lotus root juice.

To the mood is not stable, anxious, insomnia or nervous tension, raw lotus root juice also has transpiring effect.

However, raw lotus root has similar vasoconstriction effect. If there are women with dysmenorrhea, unsmooth period or cold hands and feet, it is not recommended to eat it regularly. Wait for lochia to be cleaned before use.

Cooked lotus root has the effect of strengthening the spleen and stomach, which is very suitable for the elderly and children, Xu explained.

■ Intimate reminder:

Lotus root is starch, diabetic patients should not eat more.

◎ Lotus root contains high fiber, will promote peristalsis of the intestine, it is recommended that people with ulcers, flatulence and large intestine irritable not to eat too much.

  1. The oats

The healthy food oat that becomes red recently, can reduce blood pressure and cholesterol, have familial hereditary hypertensive Chinese doctor Wu Shui, when lunch eats everyday.

Rui Chen Lifu, a centenarian who goes by the name of a big TCM shopkeeper, has a daily meal of oatmeal mixed with black fungus, mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms and celery to keep blood pressure and blood sugar stable.

Oats contain water-soluble fiber polyglucose (glucose polymers, gooey gels to eat), which increases cholesterol metabolism and is ideal for people with high blood fats.

Oats nutritional value in the bran, bran rich in vitamin B group, help fetal development, pregnant women can eat more; Vitamin E in oats increases memory; Folic acid, minerals and iron can fight cancer, prevent anemia and help wound healing.

Oat fiber content is high, easy to have full feeling and help defecate, not only slow blood sugar rise speed, reduce fat accumulation, and the quantity of heat is lower than rice, noodle, very suitable for reducing weight food.

■ Intimate reminder: oats belong to high fiber food, flatulence and gluten allergy is not suitable for people to eat.

  1. Black sesame

Dong Yanling, a sporty Chinese medicine doctor, eats a bowl of black sesame cereal every morning.

In Traditional Chinese medicine, black sesame has the effect of nourishing blood and nourishing brain hair. It is very suitable for people who consume a lot of physical strength.

Modern science proves, in black sesame seed contains 9 become unsaturated fatty acid and linoleic acid, it is very good to protect the heart food.

Sesamin can prevent skin cancer, reduce cholesterol, and have health care effect on liver and brain.

But experts recommend that you eat them by biting or crushing them, otherwise sesamin cannot be digested and absorbed by the body.

Although black sesame seed health, but the oil content is not to be underestimated, 2 tablespoons black sesame seed = 1 oil. Besides making sesame paste, Xu suggests adding black sesame seeds to milk and yogurt, or sprinkling them on vegetables or rice instead of dipping them in grease.

Black sesame is easy to oxidize, buy back to put in the refrigerator to save, if there is fuel consumption taste, said has been oxidized to degenerate, it is best to throw away so as not to eat bad stomach.

Li intimate reminder: black sesame in Chinese medicine is hair, some people eat will produce a rash or cause old diseases, if there is this kind of constitution of people to avoid.

  1. White fungus, lotus seed

White fungus lotus seed soup contains a lot of gum and can calm the mind, has the effect of whitening rejuvenation.

Often invited friends and students to dinner, Chinese medicine doctor Jiang Tong’s ruddiness always let people envy, his daughter spent three or four hours for him to stew to soft tremella lotus seed soup, contributed greatly.

White fungus contains colloid, polysaccharide body and pectin, can embellish bowel aperient, reduce cholesterol.

In Traditional Chinese medicine, white fungus moistens lungs and produces saliva, which can relieve dry cough in autumn, so it is called “civilian’s bird’s nest”.

Lotus seeds are good for the spleen and stomach and calm the heart and mind. When the writer Liang Shiqiu came to Taiwan at the beginning, he followed the advice of a Chinese medicine doctor and ordered 10 lotus seeds containing sugar every day to produce saliva and nourish the stomach.

Liver authority Ma Guangya is mentioned, drink more four god soup can raise spleen and stomach solid liver qi.

Sishen soup contains lotus seed, Gordon uryale seed, poria cohoe and Chinese yam, which can strengthen spleen and stomach and remove moisture in the body. It is a good nourishing the liver food.

■ Intimate reminder: Lotus seeds belong to starch, diabetic patients to appropriate intake. Additional, bilge gas, defecate dry person, also do not eat too much.

  1. Water convolvulus

Water cabbage, also known as urn vegetables, belongs to the tenacious vitality of climbing vine plants, whether water tillage or soil tillage are easy to grow, can be seen all the year round, but summer water cabbage rich, the best quality.

Chinese medicine believes that water cabbage clear heat and detoxification, embellish bowel laxative, as a natural protective cover, can prevent the summer of bacteria and viruses into the body.

Dr. Ma Guangya, who was fond of poetry creation, liked water cabbage best. He chopped garlic and added water cabbage to stir fry. It was hot and crisp and delicious, which was the happy taste on the table in summer.

From the perspective of nutrition, water cabbage can nourish the stomach and intestines. The alkalinity of water convolvulus reduces the acidity in the intestine and helps the growth of good bacteria. Water cabbage contains a lot of fiber (0.8 grams per 100 grams), can reduce cholesterol, and contains more iron than red phoenix vegetables and Cabbage.

■ Intimate reminder:

◎ Water cabbage sex taste is cold, body deficiency is not suitable for eating more.

◎ Fiber content is high, just opened the knife or just exhaust people, not suitable to eat.

◎ Water convolvulus can affect the effect of Chinese medicine supplement, such as astragalus, ginseng, Angelica sinensis, Chuanxiong, polygonum multiflorum, such as taking the above Chinese medicine, it is advisable to stagger 2 ~ 3 hours after eating water convolvulus.

  1. Green radish

Americans say, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Chinese people rely on white radish in winter to strengthen their health. There is a common saying: “eat radish in winter and ginger in summer, but don’t trouble the doctor to prescribe medicine.”

White radish has a variety of health value. Not only is it a member of the cancer-fighting star cruciferous family, it is also rich in vitamin C, 10 times more than apples and pears.

Japanese studies have found that radish is the only vegetable with more than 80 kinds of MTBI mustard oil (the spicier the radish, the higher the content), which is effective in preventing cancer.

In Chinese medicine, raw radish can quench thirst, clear heat, and promote stomach writhing, help digestion, known as “little ginseng”.

Dietitian Xu Yunqing says, for example, Japanese people add yellow radish to their meal, and Cantonese people add pickled radish to three treasure rice, both of which have the effect of helping digestion.

White radish cooked food is diuretic to reduce swelling, and can help defecate.

In particular, Taiwan mountain radish water, like pear as luscious juicy, winter should not miss the health food.

How does white radish boil more into taste? Can consult the practice of Japanese: white radish is cut beforehand put beside air to dry, after waiting for radish surface wool stoma to be opened, put in soup again.

■ Intimate reminder:

◎ Eat Chinese medicine can eat white radish, but when taking ginseng and Korean ginseng, to avoid white radish, so as not to fill the effect of half.

◎ Because of the white radish cold, gastric ulcer, threatened abortion and menstrual cycle is not suitable for people, do not eat raw white radish.

  1. Sugar cane

Professor Ma Guangya mentioned in his article “Self-Report 90” that he enjoyed drinking sugarcane juice after coming to Taiwan.

Sugarcane juice antipyretic thirst, produce saliva moisten dryness, for the “fire body” (dry constitution) ma Guangya, sugarcane juice is the rain in the humid and hot climate.

The curative effect of sugarcane was first recorded in the medical literature of Wei and Jin Dynasties.

Sugarcanes taste sweet and smooth, with antipyretic, diuretic and nourishing effect, raw sugar canes juice can clear heat and help digestion, usually dry mouth tongue mania, nausea and vomiting, indigestion and fever to reduce fever can be used, there is a “natural compound pulse soup”.

Tang dynasty poet Wang Wei once described: “full food need not worry about internal heat, sugar cane syrup and cold.” Officials in the Tang Dynasty had long known how to use sugar cane juice to relieve flatulence and discomfort.

Roasted sugarcane juice, spleen qi, nourishing and health effects. Roasted sugarcane juice can not only be used to treat cough, from the point of nutrition, sugar cane juice glucose and fructose easy to absorb, can be directly into energy sources, suitable for poor digestive function, the need to quickly add energy.

■ Intimate reminder:

◎ Sugarcane high sugar, Chinese medicine that sweet will produce sputum, sputum more people are not suitable for raw sugar cane juice.

◎ Sugarcane high calorie, per 100 grams (3 sections) = 64 calories, diabetic patients, metabolic abnormalities and high blood fat to drink carefully.

  1. M

Yi Juhui, a Chinese medicine doctor from Kejia hometown in Guangdong province, has maintained his posture by eating a bowl of white rice for more than 60 years. He believes white rice is nutritious and balanced enough to meet the body’s needs.

According to modern science, rice contains enough sugar and protein to provide energy and has the highest protein absorption rate of any cereal.

White rice also contains a variety of other nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals and iron. “Eating only white rice can still maintain basic nutritional needs, so it has become a staple food in China,” stresses dietitian Xu Yunqing.

Especially white rice and soybeans cooked together into soybean rice, the two nutrients complement each other, can provide rich amino acid, help wound repair, very suitable for people who recover after the disease to eat.

Wash rice when cooking, use small skill, can let nutrition retain more complete.

The bran of white rice contains vitamin B group, want to wash carefully: wash rice in order to draw the way that wash a circle, wash 2 ~ 3 times can, after washing, cook immediately.

When cooking, it is recommended to use warm water (boiled water and let cool to 60℃, because the raw water contains chlorine, it will destroy vitamin B1), starch in rice will be gelatinized after absorbing warm water, one can reduce the cooking time of 15-20 minutes; Second, it is not easy to destroy nutrients, Xu Yunqing explained.

However, white rice fiber content is low, not easy to feel full, it is suggested to match 2 ~ 3 kinds of whole grains such as oats, brown rice (need to soak water first) and so on cooked together, taste and softness is similar to white rice, the general people is more acceptable.

■ Intimate reminder: white rice belongs to starch, it is suggested that diabetics should eat according to the portion, a bowl of plain rice is appropriate. If there are other cereals, such as sweet potato or potato, the portion of rice should be reduced again.

  1. The fish

Fish protein utilization rate is high, the digestibility is up to 90%, easy to digest and absorb, suitable for the elderly, children or people whose intestines and stomach have just recovered.

Wu, who often speaks for Traditional Chinese medicine, likes to eat fish. He chooses deep-sea fish with fewer drug residues and cooks it by steaming or boiling.

A study by the University of Hawaii found that roasted and poached fish boosted the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids. Paired with low-sodium soy sauce and tofu, it helps prevent cardiovascular disease.

■ Intimate reminder: although fish contains high quality fatty acids, but Chinese medicine believes that seafood is easy to cause allergies, still to appropriate intake.