Whoever it is they are more like a specimen

Like “The Chengdu girl” and “The Garze boy Ding Zhen”, the two incidents exquistly show the tight control of power over the daily lives of ordinary people. The leak of “Chengdu Girl” ‘s personal information and life path triggered a heated online discussion. Sichuan provincial officials quickly declared, “Pay attention to protecting patients’ privacy, do psychological counseling for the masses, resolutely stop online violence, and create a good atmosphere for epidemic prevention and control.” With the final tone of the senior management, the “Chengdu girl” incident has come to an end.

Start with “cyber violence” and end with “protecting privacy”. By using the cover of hot spot of public opinion, The local people in Chengdu cleverly avoided the possible defects in the important links such as the efficiency of case discovery and the knowledge and grasp of the contact personnel. In a case that has turned the chengdu girl’s private life into a mystery, the authorities who control all the details of the girl’s personal life are just a thief crying “stop thief”.

In the Case of the Chengdu girl, we can see how easy it is to destroy a person’s life. It seems to be an invisible hand, not only to investigate and spy on individual life, but also to provoke and produce group behavior. The so-called group behavior, intuitive expression is public opinion. The release of information, engaging the masses in the process, leading people to say innocuous things and do innocuous things.

There is no doubt that the Chengdu girl was one of thousands of individuals with “zero privacy” long before she became a journalist. After becoming a journalist, the girl also has to prove her innocence, apologize on Weibo and produce the news follow-up herself. We quarreled and quarreled for a long time, and finally found that it was everyone’s fault. People should not discuss other people’s privacy, should not discuss other people’s lifestyle. All issues have no power in themselves. The girl in Chengdu is not only an innocent person who spreads the virus, but also a person who prevents the public opinion control.

The rigor and subtlety of power is more than the convenience of technical means. The fact that girls in Chengdu have zero privacy, like everyone else, is already a no-go under the Internet and modern technology system. More importantly, it can be done in the same way without you knowing it. some time ago Ding Zhen and Ma Baoguo with hot search, “rat tail juice” force pressure “sweet wild boy”, make sweet wild idol second place. Hence, the major media editorials came.

The editorial questioned Ma, saying that “everyone with a clear eye knows exactly what the people behind the scenes want to do”, and he stopped. Some people replaced the character of Ma Baoguo in the editorial with that of Ding Zhen. They found that there were actually threads and seams in the literary works. “What do the people behind Ding Zhen really want to do? It is clear to the discerning eye that it is nothing more than commercial interests. Add fuel to the fire, hype amplify ding really some Internet platforms why? Nothing more than traffic supremacy, or behind the interests.” “Hot search” has long been a tool.

The life of “Chengdu girl” and “Ganzi boy” is really the life of ordinary people. In these two incidents, we see that even the most insignificant life, once combined with the rules of power and finely kneaded, is made into a drama of life. It is called “the sky is bluest in Ganzi and the night is highest in Chengdu”. Chengdu girls are innocent, Ganzi boys are natural, but they are all a specimen of the relationship between power and individual life in modern society.