19 year old boy selling eggs

Although has repeatedly said the girl to contribute eggs ‌ ‌ “privacy is guaranteed ‌ ‌”, when asked about fill in egg donation information table to have a template, self-proclaimed ‌ ‌ “egg intermediary ‌ ‌” Zhao Xiao quickly sent me two favorites content, a ‌ ‌ “name: quiet ‌ ‌” name. Another in ‌, ‌ “pretty good grades students ‌ ‌”, after the basic information of the folder in addition to the answer, there are two egg donors personal photos and video, in addition to learn letter file screenshots and student id card scanning, nucleic acid detection single, ultrasound report, the personal name, school, grade, address, id number, telephone number and so on privacy all hd no, take in everything in a glance.

One note ‌ ‌ “name: quiet ‌ ‌,” the girl was born in 2000, this year at a junior college art college, in the photo ‌ ‌ “quiet ‌ ‌” skin fair-skinneds in vain, micro fat, round face, wearing a red bow to smile. ‌ ‌ “egg donation ‌ ‌” girl according to the intermediary company standard was ‌ ‌ “plain code marks a price ‌ ‌”. The final price for a female student in a junior college is 30,000, while the price for a female book is 40,000.

Zhao Xiao said ‌, ‌ “these two average person ‌ ‌”, a concurrent to ‌ ‌ “high-end beautiful ‌ ‌” named favorites content, it also contains a donor’s personal information, this female student study in college, in the photo hair meek, facial features delicate, posture and easy, wearing name brand headphones, depend on the back seat. The girl’s eggs sold for less than 60,000 yuan.

Army 202 hospital of doctor of vice director of institute of technology of eugenic and superior nurture XiaoYuHong in an interview with the media has been introduced from the harm of egg surgery: ‌ ‌ “stimulate ovulation and take the eggs to the harm of the female body. ‌ ‌ “‌ ‌” women will experience a variety of risks, such as easy to make more of follicular stimulate ovulation drugs, women suffer from ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, even had died as a result of clinical cases. Moreover, any operation, there will be bleeding, infection and other possibilities. ‌ ‌”

The egg business on campus

First met Zhao Xiao, is one of the cafes in chaoyang district, he in our school are posted to donate eggs and sidewalk bench ads, plus WeChat, he puts forward ‌ ‌ “meet, anything not clear can ask me. ‌ ‌”

And sell eggs ‌ ‌ “quiet ‌ ‌” age, Zhao Xiao was born in the winter of 2000, with a potato as tan round face, a definite, height of about 175, look honest, simple and honest, stiff, like in the villages and towns of young people everywhere. Zhao Xiao stood wandering in the cafe, after sitting down, he took out his mobile phone to sweep the two-dimensional code on the table, several times did not succeed, he called to the waiter, was told to go to the front desk order, finally ordered a cup of the cheapest latte.

Zhao Xiao told me that he came from a village in Henan province and dropped out of school before finishing ninth grade. He was in the town of junior high school boarding, the result often reciprocal, math is the worst, also won’t do in seventh grade nine grade, but he special emphasis on: ‌ ‌ “is not the worst. ‌ ‌ “township and village junior high school students by scale like ripe but not picking fruit shrinking year by year. There were nearly 60 people in the seventh grade, 40 left in the eighth grade, and 20 left in the ninth grade. That is to say, if continue to read, Zhao Xiao is faced with the risk of becoming the last, together with a few friends have dropped out of school, Zhao Xiao decided to give up ahead of schedule.

After dropping out of school, Zhao Xiao and his friends wandering in the town all day, the most frequent Internet cafes, hanging QQ chat playing through the fire line, a bubble is four or five hours. Internet use to save money, as long as an hour a five, asked the mother up at night, Zhao Xiao lied that day ‌ ‌ “ran out to play ‌ ‌”, the money used to buy snacks.

The winter of 2020, besides advertised for selling eggs in the university, the 19-year-old Zhao Xiao headquarter is in Beijing’s daxing district site supervisor, take the subway to chaoyang district an hour and a half, soon came to Beijing, he tells me, is not too familiar with the rules of the subway, so sitting on the stand, otherwise ‌ ‌ “can arrive half an hour ago. ‌ ‌”

He still goes to Internet cafes with his fellow workers. He rarely uses QQ these days, but he still crosses the line, and hourly rates at Internet cafes in Beijing have risen as low as four yuan. Zhao has become so adept at lying that when he’s not at work, he loafs around, navigating baidu maps to a nearby university, feigning a stomach ache and pleading with security guards at the gate to use the restroom in the building — a tactic that has often worked, despite the university’s lockdown over the epidemic.

He spends few money printing in advance by hundreds of small ads, in a pocket, the advertising business card size, rough paper, printing pallet, saying ‌ ‌ “recruiting the compassion to donate eggs girl ‌ ‌”, next to the printed on WeChat qr code, ceng after school, he will put the advertising on the people and on the pole. He did the same, went to several schools, and repeatedly succeeded.

WeChat successively jump out the red dot that adds a friend, before and after dozens of girls add WeChat to ask, most all just seek advice, some say to jump out the red exclamation mark that is deleted without two sentences, still some people add his WeChat to report directly to WeChat platform, zhao xiao still lost a WeChat ID because of this. Introduce Zhao Xiao do eggs business ‌ ‌ “‌ ‌” – another intermediary told him: ‌ ‌ “little girl to ask you to put you to delete, normal again. ‌ ‌ “but his relief way: ‌ ‌” this situation is not many. ‌ ‌ “the ‌, ‌” ‌ ‌ “has made too much business in the country.

Zhao Xiaoting think impassability, he felt this was a ‌ ‌ “win-win ‌ ‌” business, ‌ ‌ “eggs anyway don’t take out will be drained, more waste. ‌ ‌ “Zhao Xiao new WeChat ID earliest a circle of friends released on November this year, basic content is to donate eggs take eggs. In his circle of friends ‌, ‌ “egg donors ‌ ‌” called ‌ ‌ “volunteers ‌ ‌”, many friends are done privacy processing ‌ ‌ “volunteers ‌ ‌” physical examination of the photo and video. Have a circle of friends is a famous female filmmakers xu jinglei a 10 second interview video, xu had been frozen in 2013 in the United States on the nine eggs, deal with the host ‌ ‌ “collect the eggs is a painful thing? ‌ ‌ “questions, xu shook his head in the video said: ‌ ‌” no pain, really. ‌ ‌”

Zhao Xiao convinced ‌, ‌ “‌ ‌” told him that the eggs were fully will not affect the body, he also told the girl to counseling. When asked to take how many eggs at a time, he hesitated for a moment, then said ‌ ‌ “May 20 ‌ ‌”. He also assured us that there was no limit to the number of eggs a woman could have in her lifetime.

In practice, however, a woman of childbearing age has only one egg a month that will mature and then detach from her ovaries and enter the fallopian tubes, where it can be fused with sperm.

‌ ‌ “egg donation ‌ ‌” of the entire process is controlled in half a month, B ultrasonic examination after passing girl sell eggs will be arranged into ‌ ‌ “boutique apartment ‌ ‌” accommodation, ‌ ‌ “condition is very good, definitely won’t have cockroach mice ‌ ‌”, ‌ ‌ “is every morning egg milk ‌ ‌”, a day after 11 to 13 days a shot promoting ovulation. The last day the eggs are taken.

According to Relevant regulations in China, in order to freeze eggs, one must have a complete ID card, marriage certificate and birth permit. At the same time, there should be relevant infertility diagnosis proof, the hospital can adopt assisted reproductive technology.

However Zhao Xiao told me that his mediation take eggs and local 3 armour hospital have cooperation, there will not be an unsuccessful, repeatedly take eggs, ‌ ‌ “in accordance with our process go there would be no operation failed. ‌ ‌”

Asked about egg donation agreement, Zhao Xiaoxian told me: ‌ ‌ “we do this is not a two times. If we cooperate in good faith, you can donate twice or three times a year. It won’t ruin our company just because of this one time. ‌ ‌ “pressed, Zhao Xiao ‌ ‌” ‌ ‌ “make a phone call, then tell me ‌ ‌” girl no agreement to contribute eggs ‌ ‌ “, only ‌ ‌ “was donated by the customer ‌ ‌” agreement.

Zhao Xiao thinks the whole process is flawless, highly profitable, he told me, if he is a girl, in the circumstances of financial constraints to meet such an opportunity, will also go to sell eggs.

Maybe no one told Zhao Xiao, these to donate ‌ ‌ “egg donation ‌ ‌” girl, at the same time of temporary ease economic pressure will face what: 35 cm puncture needle would have pierced their vaginal, ovary, finally piercing the follicle, sucked out of the egg. Despite b-ultrasound guidance, the invasive procedure of egg retrieval will definitely cause ovarian bleeding, and the risk of accidental injury to uterus, bladder, intestine, blood vessels and other tissues around the ovary will not be ruled out

Abuse of ovulation drugs will break the normal physiological cycle regulation, leading to menstrual disorders and even amenorrhea; Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS) is a disease prone to egg retrieval surgery. After the onset of the disease, it is difficult to cover the cost of egg donation for treatment. Patients will receive chest and abdominal fluid extraction, and more seriously, cerebral embolism, severe renal failure and even death may occur.

From Foxconn to the egg broker

I met Zhao Xiao twice. He was wearing the same beige woolen coat and long-sleeved T-shirt. The temperature in Beijing had dropped below zero. Although she is not legally old enough to get married, Zhao Xiao is about to celebrate her first wedding anniversary.

He and Ms. Liu met at a dinner for several mutual friends in the spring of nineteen years, when both were just 18. That day, Liu Yueru did not make up, well-proportioned, round face, features more than a heavy hanging, thick eyebrows, big eyes, garlic nose, tied to the ball head. Zhao Xiao think she ‌ ‌ “grow right ‌ ‌”, add one WeChat request. Usually talk ‌ ‌ “have you eaten ‌ ‌” ‌ ‌ “where to have fun today? ‌ ‌ “most girls chat often only ‌ ‌” uh-huh ‌ ‌ “‌ ‌” good ‌ ‌ “words, Zhao Xiao feel boring, and Liu Yue as will reply carefully, not only will ask ‌ ‌” what about you? ‌ ‌ “and so he was gradually gives birth to a care about the warmth and goodwill.

They talked for about two months. After they became official boyfriend and girlfriend, they often went to the local parks, or took photos of tourist attractions not far away by car, went to roadside stands, bought cars with pendants, trinkets and cheap Buddhist beads. Neither of them had any income, and their shopping would not be more than a few dozen yuan. This summer, the two visited Xinyang, in a photo of Zhao Xiao in his mobile phone, Liu Yueru tied up in a bun, wearing a white T-shirt and high-waisted jeans, with a pink Polaroid camera hanging on her chest.

During the marriage ceremony in rural Henan, Zhao Xiao and Liu Yueru were taken to the inner bedroom to talk, where the parents and introducers chatted in the living room. Zhao Takes herself seriously with suitcases full of drinks, milk and fruit. However Liu Yue as on WeChat told him that very evening, although she is very satisfied, but father think Zhao Xiao family condition is bad, her daughter should be more go to mutually close, ‌ ‌ “choice of a more, better. ‌ ‌”

Zhao Xiao is very angry, a little sad. His mother advised him not to hang himself from a tree and urged him to go on a blind date. Ao however mother, Zhao Xiao saw more than 20 girls successively, each chat on ten minutes, ask almost the same question: do you have a job recently? Where do you work? Finally, add your contact information.

Each saw the side, several of dating girls than Liu Yue as beautiful, also have several conditions better, but Zhao Xiao would tell people: ‌ ‌ “I fall in love now, if can be on my side, I never said to re-establish a relationship. ‌ ‌ Zhao Xiao also thought, “Liu Yue, such as father may ‌ ‌” doesn’t make sense ‌ ‌ “, he’s going to wait a year or two, thoroughly didn’t want to talk again next.

In the end, Liu’s father gave in and the wedding was held at the end of 19 years. Liu Yueru now in the hometown relatives shop selling clothes, a month income of two or three thousand, only for their own food and drink. Two people spend time every day on the phone or video chat, once Liu Yueru said to sign up for a driver’s license class, Zhao Xiao called the past 3,000 yuan. Recently, Liu Yueru proposed to sign up for the kindergarten exam, Zhao Xiao turned to 1500 yuan. He felt that it was natural for him to spend all his money except catering for his wife. Gradually, but the pressure of money Zhao Xiao secretly remorse, feel that marriage really is not ready to, ‌ ‌ “at that time, if I thought of these, it must feel marriage is bad, won’t get married so early. ‌ ‌”

Earlier this year, Zhao found his first job working at a Foxconn factory in Chengdu, Sichuan province. In his native Henan province, many young people like Zhao drop out of school at an early age and are packed off to the big cities by the age of 20, either through acquaintances or through factory agents in the town.

Chat to this year experience at foxconn, Zhao Xiao still cannot help wanting to scold, ‌ ‌ “don’t mention it, garbage factory, garbage dead ‌ ‌” ‌ ‌ “is to let workers keep dry and faster ‌ ‌” ‌ ‌ “don’t put the people when people ‌ ‌”.

Change factory garment factory shoe, do not go up factory label, Zhao Xiao is all over only show an eye. Later, as he entered the workshop, an iPad rushed up to him in the narrow river like a fish swimming upstream. ‌ ‌ “hand in busy, but the mind is empty ‌ ‌”, he felt like a machine, ‌ ‌ “one day is a day of repeating ‌ ‌”.

Raise your hand, turn a screw, and do this a thousand times a day. He kept his head down all day, and his arms and shoulders ached terribly, writhing and squeaking rustfully.

Foxconn’s dozens of dormitory buildings, each more than 20 stories tall, are honeycombed with yellow and black floors that give a sense of oppression and smallness. From the window of the dormitory, the only thing that could be seen was the dormitory building like a jungle. Roommates are not hygienic, takeout boxes, cigarette butts and rice grains are scattered on the floor of the dormitory, and the quilt on the bed is piled up in a mess. He slept on the hard board at night, never dreaming, but was sometimes awakened by his roommates’ loud purrs.

During his months at Foxconn, Zhao felt no different from the isolated inmates of the prison. At the end of the night, he turns on his cell phone in his locker, news and the news of the day pop out like fish in a net, and he feels like he has truly returned from the assembly line to the human community. Outside the factory, there is a street selling snail noodle and stinky tofu. When Zhao Xiao goes out to eat occasionally, he will feel fresh and happy for a while when he sees the faces of some strange diners. He even can’t help staring at their faces. In retrospect, though, everything was blurred, and he could not remember a single face.

He is determined to finish after two months of the time limit for a project, ‌ ‌ “never go to ‌ ‌”. But the fault-finding of father-in-law before marriage always makes Zhao Xiao brood on it. In the home idle for a period of time, Zhao Xiao goes through intermediary to do supervisory work on the site of daxing district again, this one job is wrapped, the job is idle, daily check accounts and goods, but monthly salary is only 4000 multivariate, he eats the cabbage of canteen stews noodles with noodles and fried meat with garlic everyday, a meal also is 6 7 yuan.

The Chinese New Year Spring Festival, a string of a person of hometown five years older than Zhao Xiao mysteriously pulled him aside and said he would introduce a ‌ ‌ “good work ‌ ‌”, also emphasized, because he and Zhao Xiao grew up playing big, think he is good, just said.

Zhao Xiao call this fellow villager ‌ ‌ “‌ ‌”, all things are to ‌ ‌ “back to ask my brother ‌ ‌”. The farmer has already made a lot of single-harvest eggs. He works as an egg broker, which specializes in buying eggs and selling them to clients. The main business of the company in wuhan, but the country has a branch, like Zhao Xiao ‌ ‌ “staff ‌ ‌” throughout the country, the main business is to rely on to stick with their business CARDS everywhere advertising, ‌ ‌ “to the customer’s own ‌ ‌”. The introduction of the person of hometown, Zhao Xiao became a ‌ ‌ “find their own the customer’s small intermediary ‌ ‌”.

The eggs are clearly priced

To donate eggs ‌ ‌ “pay ‌ ‌” between 10000-100000, the price depends on two things: appearance and degree.

This summer, zhao xiao has made it in zhengzhou two single, a junior college girl read in zhengzhou plus his WeChat, chat in the girl revealed that he is preparing to take an undergraduate course, but this point did not add price for her eggs, the final transaction price is 40,000, zhao xiao got 4000 yuan into. Before long, the girl introduced her friend to do again, Zhao Xiao got a sum of 5500 yuan to take out again, and this girl also got a certain proportion of the introductory fee.

Thought cooperation, there is the potential for a long time, but suddenly the college girls in after one day no longer back to news, intermediary ‌ Zhao Xiao guess she is other eggs ‌ “dig ‌ ‌”.

To ‌ ‌ “pricing ‌ ‌,” Zhao Xiao first sent me an application form consists of 19 questions, in front of the specified ‌ ‌ “prompt a virgin is not suitable for egg donation ‌ ‌”, but he later said ‌ ‌ “virgin can also donate, but more troublesome ‌ ‌”, exactly how ‌ ‌ “trouble ‌ ‌” he also ‌ ‌ “said not clear ‌ ‌”. The 19 questions, which included personal information such as name and age, health status such as menstruation, and measures such as education, occupation, weight and height, were asked to send three life photos and a full-body video.

Zhao Xiao told me that if at the same time satisfy ‌ ‌ “graduate students ‌ ‌” and ‌ ‌ “long good-looking ‌ ‌” these two conditions, the price of eggs can be more than 8, ninety thousand. And egg donors can also discover nearby school ‌ ‌ “need money ‌ ‌” girl, introduce them to do ‌ ‌ “volunteers ‌ ‌”, references can get a percentage of the commission, and can be ‌ ‌ “honest long-term cooperation ‌ ‌”.

After meeting, ask pricing, Zhao Xiao asked me to take off a mask, was looked at for a few seconds, I feel a strong discomfort. Zhao Xiao told me that still need to send a few photos to him, he is forwarded to ‌ ‌ “‌ ‌”, can obtain the more accurate pricing.

Zhao Xiao now WeChat has several ‌ ‌ “egg intermediary ‌ ‌” group, and each is a full 500 people, of all kinds of mediation, a clear division of responsibilities, some like Zhao Xiao specifically looking for girls to contribute eggs, while others are responsible for looking for a surrogate mother, some are responsible for looking for customers. The egg-hunting agents simplified the egg donor girls into a series of template messages and posted them to the group. Such as ‌ ‌ “zhengzhou 164 B real xinjiang college ‌ ‌”, meaning to ‌ ‌ “height 164 blood type B girls in xinjiang, through learning letter confirming degree for college, only surgery in zhengzhou ‌ ‌”.

Zhao Xiao told me that there are some middle-aged women in egg donation, accompanied by her husband’s permission and even the purpose is to ‌ ‌ “household ‌ ‌”, such as age, record of formal schooling is not high, known as ‌ ‌ “blind donate ‌ ‌” – that is, contact surgery can go to the hospital. Prices are often only a few thousand yuan. These women even donate three or four times a year.

With ‌ ‌ “blind donate ‌ ‌” is the corresponding ‌ ‌ “high-end ‌ ‌”, refers to the degree in bachelor degree or above, have certain features of 20 to 30 years old girl, the client will to pick their data was selected after the need to meet, ‌ ‌ “to determine whether I ‌ ‌”, even some guests to learn letter verification status information.

Zhao Xiao also told me, some ‌ ‌ “high-end ‌ ‌” girls will deliberately hidden from her boyfriend or husband to contribute eggs, he felt ‌ ‌ “too feudal thought, and what not to say that I, not so serious? ‌ ‌ “asked to donate eggs, willing to Liu Yue like he said ‌ ‌” have not poor enough that ‌ ‌ “. But he told me he wouldn’t mind if Liu did.

Zhao Xiao occasionally send some inspirational images in the circle of friends, read ‌ ‌ “no money is the best chicken soup ‌ ‌”. He hopes to make several orders in Beijing. He usually has no entertainment activities and doesn’t like to watch short videos. When he is free, he will either post small advertisements or play games and cards with his workmates. Although play well, no worker knows Zhao Xiao is doing egg intermediary, he tells me, the friend that the friend that knows after the job always does not have so pull out heart to pull out lung.

Zhao Xiao think of their most rink hijinks tao lung, which is the most happy time, it was in the eighth grade, there is a snack street outside schools, night lessons after class, please the students to buy a few day cooking and salad, and a bottle of cheap wine, handed over from the low wall, a few students to drink ‌ ‌ “no one ‌ ‌”, Shouting in the classroom, holding a throwing off the bench. All the classrooms were darkened and empty, and the lights and moonlight of the dormitory building opposite shone through the Windows on their young faces. After drinking, the misunderstanding of dark living between friends is solved, this was once the only trouble in the life of 14-year-old Zhao Xiao.