Xizang famous doctor Lausanne add ginseng health 3 secrets to teach you anti-aging do not get sick

Lausanne, a famous doctor from Xizang province, is over 40 years old and looks quite young. He specializes in preventive medicine, anti-aging areas, health methods are simple, fundamental, very efficient. He said with a smile that he sometimes can not help but want to eat fried chicken, but after eating, know next time how to eliminate their mouth desire with inertia, this is a healthy university ask!

Laughter wafted out of the clinic. Pushing the door open, I saw Gasan lausanne lying on the ground, lovingly teaching visitors how to stretch his limbs, without the AIRS of a famous doctor. After finishing the instruction, he got up, his movements were very quick and vigorous, and his whole body seemed to be a few years younger than his actual age.

“There are many ways to improve your health, but no matter how much you know, the most basic thing is to start with yourself. Health is accumulated bit by bit.” Lausanne said that health does not mean that there is no red letter in the number of health check-up, but to achieve a balance of body, mind and spirit, and this process, like “spiritual practice”, needs to be gradually accumulated.

Prescription 1: Drink adequate water to supplement the body’s needs

There is always a transparent glass of water on the desk of Caoshen in Lausanne, “I myself drink at least 3000cc of water every day. I found that modern people are severely short of water in clinical preventive medicine, so I suggest that we should drink more than 2000CC!”

In addition to drinking water, he drinks his own juices every morning. “Now in the summer, kiwi, guava and avocado can be mixed in a blender, and all the ingredients can be replaced, as long as the mixture is balanced. For example, if you add avocado, you don’t add nuts, otherwise you’ll get too much fat.”

Prescription 2: Eat more original food and less high-fat meat

His lunches are vegetarian four or five days a week, and his dinners are filled with vegetables instead of high-fat meat, with as little seasoning as possible.

Nevertheless, Lausanne adds ginseng to remind, be vegetarian necessarily good, vegetarian also should choose carefully, if the vegetarian processing product that makes a lot of starch, the surface appears to have vegetarian right, but ignored whether to be healthy original form food. Even if you get peace of mind, the body will still protest in the long run!

In addition to choosing the original food, how you eat it and how you cook it is also important.

For example, it is best to replace high temperature frying with low-temperature cooking, chewing slowly instead of gulping, it is best to chew 20~30 times and then swallow, let the mouth secrete natural enzymes, good bacteria, also can reduce the burden of the stomach, even drinking water is also small mouth small mouth for the best.

Prescription 3: Know how to turn, play dumb, fight off negative emotions

Preventive medicine emphasizes not only good health, but also a balance of mind and body. Lausanne affirmed that psychological health and good social skills are very helpful for physical health.

However, negative emotions are inevitable. People mourn the past and worry about the future. Mr Lausanne admits that he is not a god-man and that he encounters negative emotions, but he is good at “turning” them.

Lausanne explained that everything in the world has two sides. Good and bad depend on each other. If you can “see through” your daily practice, you can “see through” both good and bad.

“Choose only the good side, the bad side, I pretend stupid, as not to see! Daily life, relationships are like this, you will be happy, otherwise you often lose focus, that is very painful! Today you happy 1 hour, tomorrow try 2 hours, later encounter a big setback, will not be excessively afraid.

“Just like many people, when they hear about cancer, they panic and get trapped in a vicious cycle of” frightening themselves. “As long as they are willing to change their diet and exercise regularly, their disease will gradually get better. Don’t keep asking” Why did I get cancer?”

He believes that it is not just lifestyle, genetics, mood and consciousness that contribute to cancer.

If you have cancer, get out and about regularly. “I would advise cancer patients, if possible, to climb twice a month and choose a healthy trail with low difficulty.”

Precipitation mood, also very important. “With so much information and the fear of the disease itself, many people are taking the wrong medicine or even being cheated of money. Calm down before you filter the information and fight cancer.”

Have the wisdom of health, to a good end

With the wisdom of screening information and the courage to change life habits, Lausanne reminded him that he should plant “ideas” in his heart and believe that he can stay healthy and walk to the last day of his life without bed, intubation and movement.

“I think a good death at the highest level is a power over life and death. Like my grandmother, who was very healthy and didn’t have a bed, she closed her eyes after eating a bowl of porridge one day and went away peacefully.” Lausanne can look forward to so, hope that they can in the last part of life, like grandma to walk the cloud light, so chic.