Scientific method of drinking water: timely, active, small, many times, enough water

Scientific and effective methods of drinking water:

1, first of all, daily drinking water should follow the “timely, active, small, many times, adequate drinking water” twelve words principle.

  1. Don’t drink until you’re thirsty. Thirst is to show human body water already lost balance, the cell lacks water to already arrived certain level, central nervous issue the signal that asks to add water. Drinking water only when thirsty is equivalent to “watering when the seedlings are dried up”, so that the seedlings have been damaged, not conducive to their growth.
  2. Drinking time for adults:

Drink a cup of water on an empty stomach after getting up in the morning. Because night sleep from urine, skin, respiratory and recessive sweating consumes a lot of water, so the morning after getting up, although sometimes not thirsty, but the actual body in a state of physiological water shortages, the filling water can reduce the blood viscosity, increase the blood volume, the brain quickly restore the waking state, and can clean the gastrointestinal, help the liver and kidney detoxification.

Drink a glass of water on an empty stomach an hour before your meal. Can supplement water to the blood of the whole body, ensure sufficient secretion of digestive fluid when dining, increase appetite, help digestion.

Drink a glass of water two and a half hours after dinner. The food ingested in the body is mainly digested within two and a half hours after the meal. During this period, a large amount of body fluids are added to digest food. The consumption of body fluids is relatively large, and the replenishment of body fluids is conducive to the smooth completion of the digestive process and the correction of dehydration caused by food decomposition.

Drink a glass of water before going to bed at night. It is beneficial to prevent the increase of blood viscosity at night and prevent thrombosis at night when blood flow is slow.

Workers drink a glass of water after work in the morning and before work in the afternoon. Not only conducive to the adjustment of mood, but also to supplement the water loss caused by a large amount of exercise on the journey to and from work.

Drink water while exercising. Because exercise when moving, the loss of moisture inside body is accelerated, if do not fill water in time, can cause the inadequacy of water inside body.

4, drinking water should be the first choice of plain water. Plain boiled water is the most in line with the human body the most needed drinking water, because the tap water after boiling, both clean, no microbial pollution, and can make the water quality of too high hardness to improve, but also can keep some minerals in the original water from loss.

  1. Drinking water temperature. It is better to drink more warm water, the temperature of which is between 18℃ and 45℃. This is not only conducive to the absorption of water, but also more quickly quench thirst.

Drinking tea in moderation is good for your health. Because the trace element that contains rich in tea, wait like iron, zinc, selenium, copper, manganese, chromium, but cannot hollow when drinker.

  1. Don’t drink sugary drinks instead of water. Because too much sugar in the body will consume a lot of water to break down the sugar, this actually increases the body’s demand for water, further causing the body to dehydrate, unable to replenish the purpose of water.

In addition, it should be noted that we usually need about 1500 milliliters of water every day, and the amount of water per cup should be controlled in 200 to 300 milliliters.