She does this every day and turns into a hunchback with varicose veins and a yellow face that’s always wet!

In our lives, we often cross our legs! Little do they know that crossing your legs is harmful, for both men and women. Tips: Crossing your legs does great harm to women. It not only affects your image, but also affects your lumbar spine, legs and other parts of your body. It is more harmful to women’s vaginal health. A model because of long-term cross legs, 12 years later turned into a hunchback, varicose veins, the lower body often wet a yellow face old woman! What’s going on? Below, small make up to reveal the secret for everyone.

Women often cross their legs or cause four major harm

1, “cross legs” easy to cause vaginitis, dysmenorrhea aggravation

Women crossing their legs can also increase local temperature, which creates a warm, moist environment in the perineum and can cause bacteria to multiply, leading to vulvitis or vaginitis. Crossing one’s legs for a long time, easy to cause poor circulation of gas and blood in the pelvic cavity, causing inflammation of the annex, if the pathogen through the reproductive tract up infection and spread, may affect the whole pelvic cavity. In addition, there is a history of dysmenorrhea, long cross-legged may also aggravate dysmenorrhea.

  1. Deformation of the spine

Normal spine straight, from the side is presented in the shape of S, so long become warped legs will let the spine form A C-shaped, the spine is severely compressed, under the condition of uneven force, there will be deformation phenomenon, serious words will also appear lumbar disc herniation.

Crossing your legs may not cause you any immediate physical problems, but in the long run, many symptoms will appear in old age, such as osteoarthritis and varicose veins.

  1. Causes insufficient blood supply to the brain and heart

If you cross your legs for a long time, your blood will not flow smoothly up and down. If your blood circulation is too slow, your brain and heart will suffer from insufficient blood supply, and your body will be prone to hypertension and heart disease.

4, “cross legs” to lower back pain

Lower back pain is the most common problem among sedentary working women, experts say. Because they like to go to work “two legs”, extremely easy to cause lumbar and thoracic vertebra pressure distribution is not equal, cause spinal deformation Jin Opera opera, some can lead to lumbar intervertebral disc herniation, form chronic lumbar back pain.

Some experts think that often cross legs, or aggravating cervical spondylosis, lumbar muscle strain one of the important reasons.

At the same time, experts especially remind office women should pay attention to sitting posture, “cross legs” can bring a lot of related diseases.

Conclusion: After reading the above content, we are not shocked! It seems that crossing your legs has become a habit in life, even though crossing your legs can be so harmful. Starting today, women should kick the habit.