Massage 2 parts of soles of feet away from dementia! Take care of your brain and spine together

Massaging the reaction area of the soles of the feet can prevent dementia, strengthen the brain and maintain the spine.

The big toe of the foot and the inside of the foot are areas of the brain and spine. Massage these two parts, can prevent dementia, and healthy brain, maintain the spine.

A foot massage method to prevent dementia

Prevention of dementia, to maintain a regular schedule and exercise, usually with family and friends to maintain interaction and care, so that the aging will not be too fast. In the meantime, still can press the reaction area of cerebrum, brainstem, cerebellum, vertebra more.

Professor Zheng Yingji, an expert in foot massage who has studied Traditional Chinese medicine and foot massage for more than 40 years, described it as important to massage the spine because the brain is a generator and the spine is like a high-voltage wire that distributes electricity to the organs. “I care a lot about taking care of my spine,” he emphasized. “If I massage this position well, it will have a different effect.” On the contrary, if the spine is injured, the whole physiological function will be abnormal. (Recommended reading: Full diagram of foot reaction area)

The foot that prevents dementia disease massages a method: massage foot big toe, namely the response area of the brain.

Brain response area: in this light gray area, the feet, big toe and belly.

Brainstem response area: Deep below the pituitary response area (the black dot in the big toe).

Cerebellar response area: outside and below the big toe.

[Massage technique]

Massage with your hands: place your thumb above your toe toenail as a fulcrum, then bend the knuckle of your index finger between the toe, pick up the side of your index finger and massage the toe of your toe (thumb does not move your index finger).

Massage with the massage ball: the big toe of the foot on the high point of the massage ball, with the other foot heel over the nail point pressure.

The foot massage method that prevents dementia disease: massage the inside of the foot, namely vertebra reaction area.

Spinal reaction area (including cervical, thoracic, lumbar and sacral reaction areas) : in the figure, the gray area on the inner side of the foot, descending from the base joint of the toe along the foot bone to just below the medial malleolus and the medial heel margin.

[Massage technique]

Massage with hand or massage stick: dip the massage stick into oil, or with the thumb on the abdomen, by pushing from the inside front of the foot to the rear.

Massage with the ball: place the medial side of the foot bone in the first toe on the high point of the ball, tilt the knee inward, roll the foot sideways, use the circumference of the ball to roll back and forth, push forward vigorously and pull back gently.