It’s not tobacco or alcohol. Stay away from 3 things and do 2 things

Cerebral infarction is a brain lesion caused by cerebral vascular supply disorder, which makes the brain tissue always in the state of ischemia and hypoxia, thus causing brain tissue necrosis and softening. In our daily life, many people know that the old people, or young men and women, once suffering from cerebral infarction, it is easy to appear the life cannot provide for oneself, even serious will lose life, it is generally believed that the occurrence of cerebral infarction is mainly due to excessive drinking and smoking at ordinary times, but in fact, these are not the decisive factor, the real cause cerebral infarction is the bane of the following, look at you of a few.

Brain stem curse found, do not eat tobacco and alcohol, both men and women, as soon as possible away from 3 things, do less 2 things

Stay away from fatty foods

Frequent consumption of fatty foods such as big fish, big meat or takeaway food can lead to elevated levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood. This increases the amount of lipid deposits in the blood and the likelihood of blood clots forming, accelerating the arrival of cerebral infarction.

Stay away from high-cholesterol foods

Animal viscera, roe, egg yolk and so on all belong to high cholesterol food. A diet high in cholesterol causes the body to have more bad (LDL) cholesterol and less good (HDL) cholesterol. This causes bad cholesterol to build up in the walls of blood vessels, forming plaques that narrow the diameter of blood vessels and block blood flow, leading to hardening of the arteries.

Stay away from anything too sweet

Foods that are too sweet contain more calories, mostly in the form of carbohydrates. The body needs proper carbohydrates to provide energy every day, but with more energy, carbohydrates will be converted into fat, resulting in obesity. If we do not pay attention to the control of calorie intake, then the calories in food will be further accumulated, first from fat synthesis, and then from blood lipid deposition to affect the blood vessels, eventually leading to vascular stenosis, inducing “cerebral infarction” and other vascular diseases.

Less to stay up late

When staying up late, the body secretes a large amount of adrenaline and hormones, which will cause the blood vessels to be tight and the heart to pump blood under great pressure, affecting the blood flow. In daily life, do an extra 30 minutes of aerobic exercise every day, such as tai chi, jogging, swimming, walking, brisk walking and so on are all aerobic exercises. Because exercise can not only promote blood circulation, enhance metabolic function, but also can reduce blood viscosity, reduce thrombosis and cerebral infarction.

Cut down on smoking and drinking

Long-term smoking and alcohol abuse is one of the important factors leading to cerebral infarction. Studies show that more than 50% of patients with cerebral infarction will have a long-term history of smoking and drinking alcohol. Long-term alcohol abuse will cause cerebral vasoconstriction, spasm, and smoking will thicken the blood, causing slow blood rheology.

In addition to preventing cerebral infarction and protecting cerebrovascular health, we should do three things well

Control blood pressure and blood lipid

High blood pressure for a long time, will cause the damage of vascular elasticity, the formation of atherosclerosis. And the blood pressure fluctuation bigger person, pulse pressure difference is big, if be stimulated outside, induce cerebral infarction easily. And the cholesterol in the blood fat, triglyceride increase, will cause the blood fat sticky, affect the blood flow speed, so that the brain ischemia and hypoxia serious.

Adjust your attitude and get angry less

The most important thing in life is the attitude, adjust your attitude in time, less angry, avoid emotional excitement. If something isn’t going well, take a deep breath and distract yourself from the emotion.

Strengthen exercise and promote blood circulation

Moderate exercise can promote blood circulation in the body, accelerate the excretion of waste in the body, enhance the elasticity of blood vessels. Exercise can also improve heart and lung function and lung capacity, conducive to the control of weight, to avoid obesity.