Receive a can help! From fatigue to sudden death, these 5 signs have been notified to you many times

Sudden death in clinical medicine, specifically refers to the body due to bad living habits or with some hidden diseases, resulting in the sudden death.

In real life, sudden death is an unexpected thing, which is a recognition of most people.

However, in fact, there are still some signals before sudden death, which requires people to master relevant content, so that they can better judge, so that they can go to the hospital for treatment and examination as soon as possible, so as to reduce the risk of sudden death.

Next, I will take you to have a detailed understanding of its related content, hoping to help you:

Before sudden death occurs, your body gives out signals that you need to know as soon as possible:

  1. Poor blood flow

In real life, if you often find yourself dizzy, chest stuffy short of a variety of adverse phenomena, then most likely due to poor blood transport caused.

Especially in modern life, people’s work and life pressure is generally relatively large, these bad emotions, if accumulated in the body, can not be discharged in a timely manner, will lead to people’s heart depression.

This causes the human sympathetic nerve to be excited for a long time, secretes the massive adrenalin to be able to cause the blood vessel contraction, the blood pressure rise, in the long run causes the heart failure.

2, thrombosis,

Thrombosis is also a common disease in real life, especially for contemporary workers, who basically sit for a whole day, which is a very bad phenomenon and influence in the long run.

Especially office workers and work party, because this will lead to human blood vessels in the lower half of the body is compressed, and then reduce the speed and rate of blood flow, extremely easy to form clots.

When these clots fall off the walls of blood vessels, they follow the blood flow, increasing the risk of blockages in the heart, brain and lungs, which can lead to oxygen deprivation and death.

  1. Arrhythmia

Now there are quite a number of people due to a variety of reasons, daily diet is not regular, but some friends have the habit of overeating.

Such a bad habit can also lead to sudden death, because eating wildly for a short period of time can cause a reflex in the stomach, causing the coronary arteries to contract violently, which in turn increases nerve tension.

The digestive process also causes the diaphragm to move up, increasing pressure on the chest and reducing blood flow.

4, myocardial infarction,

According to clinical medical investigation, myocardial infarction, most of the myocardial infarction occurred in the elderly. Especially for people with constipation, the risk of sudden death is higher.

Because in the process of constipation, it will cause people to defecate hard and thus increase the pressure of blood vessels, reducing the flow of blood a situation.

For friends who have coronary atherosclerosis themselves, it is easy to cause shock and coma, or even directly lead to sudden death.

  1. Chronic depression

Depression is known to cause people to commit suicide, but few people know that it can also cause sudden death.

This is because most of the patients with depression have bad emotions such as anxiety and irritability, which will affect the balance of human endocrine, thus leading to increased stress level, resulting in significant changes in blood pressure and relatively easy to cause blood vessel burst, thus greatly increasing the risk of sudden death.

In short, in real life, if you find yourself showing up a lot of times.

Above introduced a few kinds of circumstances, then must not delay time, go to the hospital as soon as possible to accept examination and treatment is the right way.