You don’t have to do seven tests. You don’t know if you have cancer

When a lot of men are in check-up, can ask, the doctor, the age is old, want to do cancer check-up, but what place should check after all? In fact, as long as the choice of the right way of physical examination, most cancers can be detected in a timely manner, today, we will say, cancer prevention physical examination, what should be the choice of screening?

Firstly, lung is an examination site that cannot be ignored by men. In China, the incidence of lung cancer ranks the first among malignant tumors. The best way to detect lung cancer in a timely manner is to conduct lung CT examination.

Secondly, stomach examination is a little complicated compared with lung examination. The best way to detect gastric cancer in a timely manner is through gastroscopy. However, gastroscopy is an invasive examination with certain discomfort, so its popularity is not high.

Thirdly, the large intestine, stomach and large intestine all belong to the digestive tract, but gastroscopy cannot detect the large intestine. Colonoscopy is the best way to examine the large intestine. However, like gastroscopy, colonoscopy is also an invasive examination with certain discomfort and risks, and its popularity is also not high.

Fourth, liver, in our country, the incidence of liver cancer ranks fourth, how can we find liver cancer in time? It is necessary to timely a fetoprotein examination, especially hepatitis B and chronic alcoholism.

Fifth, the pancreas, because smoking and drinking more men, so there is another part can not be ignored, that is the pancreas, how to timely detection of pancreatic cancer, the best way is to conduct pancreatic CT examination.

Men are also at increased risk of developing prostate cancer after age 45. To detect prostate cancer in a timely manner, blood is drawn to check for prostate specific antigen, a specific tumor marker associated with prostate cancer.

Seventh, oral cavity. Because men are fond of smoking, drinking and chewing betel nut, oral cancer is also a kind of high incidence of malignant tumor. If you want to find oral cancer in time, you should visit the oral cavity department regularly.

Although a lot of people take physical examination every year, but still did not discover cancer in time, physical examination does not do 7 check, got cancer to do not know, the doctor suggests 7 parts had better take physical examination every year.