Japanese doctors teach to eat banana to cut sodium uric acid male star measured 1 week to feel!

Taiwan is known as the kingdom of the banana, the banana is known as the most peeling “lazy fruit”, not only sweet and delicious, health is amazing, bananas are widely popular in Taiwan, Japan and other countries residents. Japanese professional doctor pointed out that are rich in potassium in the banana, not only helps to get rid of excess salt, blood flows more smoothly and reduce the risk of blood clots, strokes and even sudden death, at the same time may also help to alkalize urine, reduce uric acid, can help prevent gout, Japanese program also invited to male measured, just 1 week let uric acid reduced nearly 2, effect similar to drugs!

Banana health benefits 1: Alkalize urine, lower uric acid, and help prevent gout

Japanese medical doctor Yoshio Otani, agricultural Doctor Tajima Really, digestive internal medicine doctor Dazhu Really ichiro and other famous Japanese experts, in the health program jointly introduced the benefits of bananas, one of them is to reduce uric acid, prevent gout. Gout may occur when blood uric acid is too high and crystals build up in the joints. And banana can help alkalinize urine, let uric acid dissolve in urine, so there is excretion, reduce uric acid effect.

The program also invited the male stars, Takichi Hama and Kenji Yamauchi, to conduct the actual measurement, and their original uric acid was on the high side (standard value is 3.8 ~ 7). After eating two bananas a day for a week, the uric acid level of Takichi Hajima dropped from 10.2 to 8.3, and that of Kenji Yamauchi dropped from 7.9 to 7.6. This was indeed an improvement. The uric acid level of Takichi Hajima decreased by nearly 2, which was almost the effect of medicine.

Mr. Okamura, president of okamura clinic in Japan, said that in order to prevent gout, it is recommended to aim at more than 2000ml of urine per day to let uric acid be excreted through urine. Bananas have diuretic function, so bananas may also help to prevent gout by promoting urination. The data that Japanese general society legal person Aichi prefecture pharmacist can offer also points out, in addition to banana help alkalinize urine, still have taro, soybean, burdock, sweet potato, white radish… And a variety of other ingredients may also work.

※ If you have kidney disease, consult a professional before eating foods such as bananas, which are high in potassium.

Banana health effect 2: Help discharge sodium, help prevent stroke, sudden death

The doctors on the show also pointed out that hot weather can make the body less hydrated by sweating, make the blood thicker, cause blood clots and increase the risk of cerebral infarction. Bananas are rich in potassium, which can help excrete salt in the body, making blood flow more smooth, with the effect of lowering blood pressure and protecting blood vessels, but also can help blood vessels restore young, with the effect of preventing sudden death.

Program also invited 59 men respectively, 59 women, 54, a total of three actual test, let them eat 2 bananas every day, with 59 years old male from 172 MMHG blood pressure drop to 132 MMHG, 59 years old female blood vessels from 59 to 42 years old, a 54 year old woman, both blood pressure and vascular age improved, blood pressure is reduced from 190 MMHG to 164 MMHG, vascular age from 67 to 61.