Hot soup with ice drink most prone to blood pressure injury blood vessels! Eat hot pot to prevent stroke in 3 places

In the cold winter, the tonic effect of ginger duck, sesame oil chicken and other pot products is very attractive, you can also take advantage of the situation to replenish the winter, but when eating hot pot, you should pay attention to some “fatal” links, if the negligence may lead to a stroke, the body has not been filled but sent to the emergency.

Have eaten hot pot to be able to feel the experience of head unwell? Be careful if you do. There was once a young man who often had a headache after eating hot pot. However, after being evaluated by the doctor, it was believed that his wrong eating hot pot habit caused drastic changes in the blood pressure of the head, causing headaches and even a stroke in severe cases.

Improper eating hot pot habits can not only cause “brain” stroke, including eyes, intestines and other places may occur blood vessel blockage and stroke, the most terrible is intestinal stroke, high mortality!

A hot soup, a cold drink? Beware of dizziness, headaches and even strokes

Many people like to eat hot pot in a warm room with cool drinks such as Coke and SARS, which is very enjoyable, but they have no idea that this eating habit of a hot soup and a hot drink is very dangerous. There is a male of about 30 years old, like to drink hot pot soup immediately after drinking cold drink, as a result of the head from time to time intermittent sexual pain.

After the man went to the doctor, the doctor asked him to measure his blood pressure while eating hotpot. It was found that the man’s blood pressure would decrease by about 10mmHg after drinking the hot soup at 50℃, while the blood pressure would soar by about 20mmHg after drinking the cold drink at 5℃. The fluctuation of blood pressure was so great that it caused a headache. He Yicheng, medical director of shutian Clinic, said that if you like to drink hot soup and cold drinks while eating hot pot, it is not only bad for the stomach, but also the blood vessels will rapidly expand and contract, leading to a sharp rise and fall in blood pressure, which may cause head pain, and the headache symptoms may be a warning sign of high blood pressure.

He recommends drinking hot soup and cold drinks at least three minutes apart to avoid headaches. Physicians stressed that if there is hypertension, often let the blood pressure suddenly high and low light will lead to headache, dizziness, severe stroke and myocardial infarction will be induced.

Eating hot pot when forgetting to keep warm is prone to stroke and eye wind

After eating hot pot, the body temperature will rise and people will feel warm. At this time, they tend to neglect keeping warm. If they have three chronic diseases, this carelessness may cause wind in their eyes or stroke.

Chen Yingshan, a well-known ophthalmologist, once shared a case of a 60-year-old man who had a history of high blood pressure and high blood pressure for many years. One day, he went to see a friend to eat hot pot and drink wine to dispel the cold. When he got home after drinking, he suddenly felt black in his right eye.

Dr. Chen Yingshan explained that eating hot pot indoors is a warm environment. When the temperature drops sharply outside, the microvessels in the eyes will contract and burst, forming wind in the eyes. Doctors stressed that if the blood vessel ruptured in the brain, it would be a stroke, and if it ruptured in the heart, it would be a heart attack.

However, in recent years, there have been younger cases of ocular wind, and most of the patients often think that the sudden blurred vision is just the aggravation of presbyopia, so they do not take it seriously and delay seeking medical treatment. Doctors suggest to pay attention to light diet, control three high and get enough rest in order to reduce the risk of stroke.

Cold weather eating and drinking easy “intestinal stroke”, the death rate of up to 90%!

The so-called wine and meat through the intestines, eating hot pot on the body the most direct impact occurs in the stomach and intestines, according to the health education information of Pu Zi Hospital, cold weather in winter, vasoconstriction is prone to “intestinal stroke.”

Intestinal stroke full name is called “ischemic enteritis” or “ischemic bowel necrosis, tastes hospital liver stomach specialist hung-chang doctor pointed out that im a stroke occurs in people over 60 years old, heart disease, hypertension, arrhythmia, or other patients with vascular disease, and even kidney dialysis patients with other chronic diseases, such as im is a high risk of stroke, because their vascular caliber vascular elasticity variation or narrow, particularly prone to intestinal ischemic lesions, such as a stroke if more easily due to vasoconstriction in cold weather.

If you feel abdominal discomfort after a meal and do not improve after taking digestive drugs, or if you experience acute abdominal pain, pain around the navel, or cold sweats, it could be a sign of an intestinal stroke, doctors urge you to seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Intestinal stroke is very terrible. Chen Ziliang, president of Hsinchu Affiliated Hospital of China Medical University, said that intestinal stroke is more vicious than colorectal cancer. If delayed treatment of intestinal stroke turns into symptoms such as “intestinal necrosis”, the death rate will soar to 90% directly without waiting for 5 years. The father of the famous entertainer Yu Tian died of an intestinal stroke. Although he was rushed to the intensive care unit, he passed away after 10 days of treatment.

To avoid intestinal strokes, pay attention to:

Maintain good eating and living habits.

Take medicine regularly, control the arrhythmia, three high problems.

Replenish water properly and reduce blood concentration.

Pay attention to the symptoms of abdominal discomfort. If severe or dull abdominal pain occurs in a large area, or gastrointestinal pain occurs every time you eat, consult a doctor as soon as possible.