There are cancer defecate in the body to often have 3 mark more than 2 above early platoon detection rectum cancer

Many people don’t know the rectum in what position, in fact, people of e. including colon and rectum, belong to the upper part of the large intestine, colon and rectum belong to the end of the large intestine, for the human body, is the main purpose of rectal defecation, stool in the rectum, stimulates the rectum receptors on the walls of her intestines and the brain have a bowel movement after receive the signal’s instructions, and rectal anal sphincter relaxation, defecate eduction smoothly.

So, rectum is playing an extremely important role in the excretion process of defecate, when rectum produces cancerous change, can behave for defecate abnormality above all.

First, bloody stool, located at the end of the large intestine, rectum and colon cancer caused by bleeding, not through the intestinal absorption, can directly discharged, if found mixed with blood in the stool, must be more vigilant about colorectal cancer, is located in the lower rectal cancer, blood will not necessarily mixed with the stool, can appear even then empress drop of blood, so it is easy to be misdiagnosed as hemorrhoids.

The 2nd, defecate becomes fine, when rectum cancer comes, it is unobvious originally enteric cavity, very easy occurrence enteric cavity narrate, when enteric cavity narrate, defecate is in pass when it is very easy occurrence defecate becomes fine.

Third, defecate number increase, the part of the rectum is defecate, it is conceivable, if after rectal cancer appeared, cancer will stimulate the intestinal wall repeatedly, the impulse to make mistaken for shit to the brain, then continuously produce meaning, for patients with rectal cancer, a day to run many trips to the toilet, what’s worse, the quantity is not many.

Above 3 mark, more than two above, check rectal cancer as soon as possible, how to check rectal cancer in a timely manner? There are two ways, one is a digital rectal examination, is judged by finger touch rectum have bump, but can only touch the lower rectal tumor, the upper segment of rectum lump, because the finger is not long enough, is often difficult to hit, this time, need the second option, endoscopic check, but the endoscopic check need oral laxatives, completely clean before they can make the intestinal tract.