How dangerous is e-cigarette smoking? “Said the pleurologist

“E-cigarettes can Help smokers quit”, “E-cigarettes are smokers’ choice to reduce harm”… Is that so?

Su Yifeng, a chest physician, rejects all this. ‘Traditional cigarettes have been studied for a hundred years before it became clear that they are so harmful,’ he says. But e-cigarettes have only been around for a few years now, and a bunch of damaging papers are popping up… ; He urged addicts to seek professional help from a doctor if they are determined to quit, and to avoid “the idea that smoking e-cigarettes instead of cigarettes is the way to quit.” Neither smoking nor e-cigarettes is the way to quit.

Using e-cigarettes can cause impotence and impotence!

This is not a threatening remark, but what is really happening!

Weiergang’s official website also invited sexual experts to confirm that the use of e-cigarettes will really cause impotence impotence; Some nicotine is the biggest cause of e-cigarettes, nicotine will make the blood vessels conk, not only increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, of course, will also be directly caused by impotence.

Experts say nicotine is nature’s most powerful vasoconstrictor. If it is continuously ingested into the human body, blood vessels throughout the body, including the pelvic area of the small blood vessels will shrink dramatically; Blood flow is absolutely disrupted, and an erection requires adequate blood flow.

The decrease of vascular flow will promote the development of atherosclerosis, and the severe atherosclerosis is more likely to lead to the development of atherosclerosis and even plaque, causing irreversible lifelong effects.

Experts stress that any type of cigarette can lower sperm quality; Male sex cells are destroyed and sperm activity is reduced. Long-term use of e-cigarettes can lead to infertility, or even lifelong infertility.

Smoking electronic cigarettes, fear to become “Konnyaku male” Wilkonnyaku official website confirmed impotence

Without nicotine, blood vessels harden

Even brief use of e-cigarettes for a minute or two can cause hardening of the arteries and narrowing of the blood vessels throughout the body, according to a US study.

In the study from the prestigious University of Pennsylvania, 31 healthy adults with no smoking history were given a nicotine free e-cigarette 16 times and tested for vascular stiffness and blood flow before and after smoking. It turns out that the light is just 16 or so inhales and exhales of e-cigarette smoke, causing the central aorta to stiffen! Peripheral vascular diameter decreased by 34%, blood speed slowed by 25%, maximum blood flow to the vessels decreased by 17.5%, and oxygen levels in the body’s blood decreased by 20%!

And this kind of vasoconstriction change, unexpectedly maintained nearly an hour just to recover!

Reference link: Slap the face e-cigarette lie! Nicotine – free e-cigarettes can also cause hardening of the blood vessels!

Switching from cigarettes to e-cigarettes increases lung disease

The US study, published in the leading journal Public Health Reports, analysed 45,908 e-cigarette respondents aged 18 and over.

They answered questions about e-cigarette use and their own lung problems; The study found a 4.36-fold increase in lung disease among people who didn’t smoke cigarettes at all. What’s surprising is that in people who used to smoke cigarettes, e-cigarettes increased lung disease. Increased by 1.47 times!

A new big data study in the United States has found that smokers who switch from traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes have more lung diseases.

E-cigarettes make your brain more stupid

The authors of a review of dozens of research journals published in the medical Journal Adolescence Journal Plos One in 2019 concluded that e-cigarettes may make your brain become dumber as it inhales

E-cigarette makers and related groups have always claimed that e-cigarette smoking is healthier than smoking, but several studies have found that e-cigarette smoking causes “oxidative stress” in the developing midbrain and can cause more damage to the developing brain.

Many studies have pointed out that e-cigarettes harm teenagers’ ability to learn, “memory,” “sleep habits,” “quality” and even their circadian clock. This, in turn, leads to “teenage depression” and “other mental illnesses”.

Previous studies have suggested that nicotine plays a major role in brain damage in cigarettes and tobacco products, but other studies have refuted this theory, finding that e-cigarettes produce the same amount of oxidative stress whether they contain nicotine or not. That is to say, heating the atomized smoke itself can cause a lot of oxidation, causing inflammation and degeneration in the brain!

It has also been found that inhaling e-cigarettes can cause inflammation and oxidation in the brain, which can lead to a decline in concentration and memory, disrupt the physiological cycle and affect brain development!

And at the end of this review, the authors say don’t think e-cigarettes are healthier than traditional cigarettes! There is growing evidence that e-cigarettes can still cause a lot of damage and organ damage. And called on the government to use the strictest attitude to regulate e-cigarettes to maintain public health!