Deng Zi Chess open lazy breakfast on oats instead of plain rice year shake 7kg? The nutritionist says…

In addition to being a singer, G.E.M. also opened a channel on YouTube called “GEM G.E.M.” to film VLOG and share her daily life with her fans. In the film, she even revealed her lazy breakfast “coffee and soy milk, egg and oatmeal, and a banana”, which made netizens call her thin, and sure enough, there are reasons.

Many print media have also reported that the secret of G.E.M. ‘s meat dumping lies in using oats instead of plain rice as the staple food, combining with the principle of reducing salt intake, drinking more water, vegetables as the staple food, starch and meat as side dishes, and losing 7kg in a year. Nevertheless, does such dietary pattern conduce to reduce weight really, thin body? Let’s hear from a professional nutritionist!

Oatmeal Key to G.E.M. Diet success? Nutritionist: Here you are

Zhao said that before discussing whether to recommend oatmeal as a staple food instead of plain rice for those who need to lose weight, one should first appreciate DENG’s diet of reducing salt intake, drinking more water, and using vegetables as a staple food, starch and meat as side dishes.

In fact, above these principles, it is the healthy eating habit that place advocates all the time, want to be able to maintain for a long time only, can give full play to prevent oedema effectively, maintain the effect that the body function is normal metabolization, can regard as decision public whether can thin body is successful send win key!

From the point of view of nutrition, oats contain rich ? – poly (glucose, dietary fiber, moderate use does have promote intestinal peristalsis, lower cholesterol, stable blood sugar, don’t let the blood sugar after eating soared quickly, improve the benefits of satiety.

Oatmeal for three meals instead of plain rice to help slim down? Dietitian: Two reasons to be disappointed

As for oatmeal as a staple food instead of plain rice, what about it? Explanation of zhao ying nutrient division, from the point of view of nutrition, oats contain rich ? – poly (glucose, dietary fiber, moderate use does have promote intestinal peristalsis, lower cholesterol, stable blood sugar, prevent blood sugar after eating fast soared, enhance the benefits of satiety.

However, from the perspective that losing weight is a lifelong goal and can last a long time, there are two reasons why people may be disappointed if they want to replace plain rice as their staple food in the long run.

Reason 1 / High oat sugar content

According to the national Health Agency’s “Survey on changes in national Nutritional Health status from 2013 to 2016”, it was found that more than 50% of the population ate too much whole grains (sugar), beans, fish, eggs and meat, while 80% of the adults, vegetables, nuts, fats and dairy products, did not eat the recommended intake every day.

Therefore, instead of changing the whole grain food sources, people want to lose weight successfully. How to reduce the intake of sugar in diet and implement the diet of reducing sugar is a relatively suitable way of reducing sugar for modern people. And calculate food carbohydrate (carbohydrate), reduce the intake of carbohydrate food, it is to win the key!

Oats are high in dietary fiber, but for the same amount of sugar (100 grams each) as plain rice and oats, oatmeal has 59.4 grams of sugar, which is even higher than the 40.4 grams of plain rice. Therefore, even though oats are rich in dietary fiber, but still starch, can not eat indefinitely. In particular, people on a reduced-sugar diet eat smaller portions if they replace plain rice with oats.

Oats are high in dietary fiber, but for the same amount of sugar (100 grams each) as plain rice and oats, oatmeal has 59.4 grams of sugar, which is even higher than the 40.4 grams of plain rice.

In the film, G.E.M. recently revealed her lazy breakfast “coffee soy milk + egg oatmeal +1 banana”.

Reason 2 / Oats lack flavor, taste and consistency

The second reason is that oats lack of flavor and taste. If you don’t have enough perseverance, eat three meals a day, you will be tired of eating and afraid to eat. And if the public looked closely at G.E.T. ‘s life, they would find that she did not exactly substitute rice with oats for three daily meals a day. She also replaced rice like konnyaku noodles. In addition to work, leisure time, will also eat some outside food.

Zhao added that in her years of outpatient experience, she has also found that “bad taste”, “bad taste” and “lack of variability” are all key reasons why the weight loss process is not sustainable and fails. In addition, no matter how good the ingredients, you must have a concept that there is no absolute single food in your daily diet that can bring you health.

In the past, she mentioned had been treated one student, readme before to nutrition clinic consultation, because think health, oats oats instead of rice every day to lose weight, although last more than a week, but later because eat the food of almost every day, eat very greasy, whole person very be agitated, instability, the final way to lose weight or failed. Fortunately, under the analysis of the nutritionist, I learned to understand my own health status and preferences, and finally lost weight after choosing the right way to lose weight.

So, ying zhao letter dietitian stressed that people don’t necessarily have to be wedded to meals can only eat oats, might as well can try to choose a meal of the day with a diet of oats, change other two meals with the sweet potato, pumpkin, soybean, and even needle mushroom, corn, bamboo shoots, or very recent ram, quinoa, broccoli, DouFuFan replacement, is in line with the reducing sugar diet elements, and can satisfy the taste buds, added a variety of nutrients, eating good choice of variability.

The healthy and balanced breakfast combinations recommended by Zhao Hanying include black coffee + 1/2 cup of sugar-free soy milk, 1 tea egg, 1 palm sweet potato, 1 box of mixed vegetable salad, and 1 handful of mixed nuts.

How to eat a healthy and balanced breakfast? Nutritionists recommend eating outside to make it more convenient

As for the healthy breakfast “coffee soy milk + egg oatmeal +1 banana” shared by G.E.M. on her YouTube channel? Zhao hanying nutritionist said, from the overall way of breakfast collocation, is a fairly balanced combination. In particular, black coffee with soy milk (or soy milk) is also a highly recommended drink, though the occasional banana can be swapped for a fruit and vegetable salad, complete with a handful of mixed nuts. In addition, Nutritionist Zhao Hanying also shares the following combination of breakfast recipes for busy office workers who need to lose weight and can easily buy them in convenience stores to eat healthy and balanced:

● Black coffee + 1/2 cup unsweetened soy milk

● 1 tea egg

● Palm large sweet potato 1

● A box of mixed vegetable salad

● Combine 1 handful of nuts

The dietitian’s open Heart formula for weight Loss success satisfies physical and mental needs and improves endurance

Finally, Dietitian Zhao Hanying also reminds people that if they want to lose weight successfully, they should not only work hard on diet, but also learn to keep a good mood at the same time. It is also very important for them to make progress towards a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Most importantly, have weight loss needs friends, not only should moderate taboos, in the long process of reducing weight, occasionally also can give yourself some elastic space, set a day can eat anything thin body “gourmet”, is to the taste and demand of body and mind, effectively change the body metabolism, the key to improve endurance!