President Donald Trump has launched another lawsuit to challenge the election results in New Mexico

On Monday, the New Mexico Republican Party released news that President Trump had filed a lawsuit to challenge the state’s election results, saying “the president’s lawsuit is valid and necessary.”

The New Mexico Republican party says in its message,

“President Trump filed a federal election lawsuit in New Mexico accusing the secretary of State of violating the U.S. Constitution and state laws.”

“President Trump and his legal team today filed an election lawsuit in the U.S. District Court of New Mexico, claiming that the state violated the law by allowing drop-in boxes to be part of the voting process during the 2020 election.”

“The Republican Party of New Mexico worked with the president’s legal team to facilitate this legal action. The New Mexico Republican Party has called into question the validity of the ballot and the outcome of the presidential election because of mail-in ballot issues and box irregularities.”

“The United States Constitution provides that the legislature shall determine the time, place and manner of electoral laws and federal elections. Secretary of State Toulouse allowed the use of drop-boxes outside electoral boundaries without proper supervision. These “security containers” are supposed to be monitored at all times by law, and there is supposed to be video surveillance, but some constituencies have not complied with these regulations. I don’t know how many box votes were invalid.”

“The lawsuit seeks to halt the Electoral College process because of such irregularities during this absentee ballot. The suit requires proper verification and calculation of box ballots.
The president’s legal team wants the results to be null and void because of the likelihood that the harvested ballots were “discarded” after hours of work and that multiple ballots were thrown into drop-boxes at the scene. These types of voting irregularities must be checked.
“The president’s suit is valid and necessary,” said New Mexico Republican Chairman Steve Pierce. We question the drop-boxes and the entire election process, and the Secretary of state seems to have made his own rules in past elections and allowed irregularities to occur. By allowing these practices to occur, we are tarnishing the integrity of our elections and our democracy.” “