Historic scene! Brave Republican electors have come out and cast their sacred vote for President Trump

A total of 538 electors from U.S. states went to the polls on Monday to decide who will be president and vice president. The result was a historic moment as Republican electors cast their votes for president Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence. The legal case against President Trump and his supporters is significant.

NYPD police chief Bernard Carey 40 grams in its twitter said: “a historic and unprecedented, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, new Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and republican voters have voted for Donald trump, it retained (trump) the President and his own electoral fraud on the right to correct.”

Tweeted released Monday, Arizona republican, 11 republican voters together, gave their vote to trump the President and vice President, Mr. Burns, they said “since Arizona was the outcome of the election still questioned, as democratic voters in Hawaii in 1960, republican voters also separate rallies vote”, “11 republicans agreed to vote for the President of the United States trump and vice President burns”.

And Ohio Governor Mike DeWine tweeted a photo of himself, saying, “Today, I was honored to participate in the Electoral College process, and all of Ohio’s votes will go to Donald Trump.”