Wisconsin’s Supreme Court dismissed Donald Trump’s election suit on the grounds that it was ill-timed

The Wisconsin Supreme Court on Monday rejected president Donald Trump’s attempt to overturn the state’s election results, just before the Electoral College votes for president. The results show Trump losing to His Democratic rival Joe Biden in Wisconsin.

Trump’s lawsuit seeks to disqualify Dane and Milwaukee counties from voting by more than 221,000 votes. These two counties are the largest democratic voting counties in The state.

There are four categories of ballots that Trump wants to disqualify: absentee ballots cast early and in person, which he says were not properly required in writing; The other three categories are absentee ballots cast by people claiming to be in an “indefinite restriction,” absentee ballots collected by polling stations in Madison Park, and absentee ballots in which clerks filled in missing information on ballot envelopes.

In a 4-3 ruling on Monday, the Wisconsin Supreme Court rejected the suit, ruling that Trump’s challenge to voters who were “indefinitely restricted” lacked a legal basis and that other charges were too late.

Brian Hagedorn, a conservative judge, said Trump does not have the right to challenge various absentee voting guidelines announced by the State’s election commission, some of which are a decade old.

“Our law allows for challenges to various aspects of election administration,” he said. “However, the challenge raised by the [Trump] campaign in this case took place long after this election; The campaign is challenging the rulebook that was in place before the start of this election season.”

Liberal judges Ann Walsh Bradley, Rebecca Dallet and Jill Karofsky also sided with Mr. Hagedorn.

But conservative judges Patience Rogensack, Annette Ziegler and Rebecca Bradley all dissented, arguing that the court should have ruled on the merits of the case rather than dismiss it on timing. Conservative judges also expressed concern about how some votes were cast.

Virginia, like other swing states, has been plagued by widespread voter fraud. On Friday, more than two dozen witnesses testified at a state legislature hearing on voter fraud. They told stories of various electoral irregularities and frauds they had seen, including placing postal ballots on earlier dates.