Hong Kong Cable News interview with Lam Cheng on “Good cooperation” of new senior management

An interview with Carrie Lam by Li Zhen, the new news director of Hong Kong cable news, was leaked online recently after a big layoff. At halftime, Lam laughed in disdain and said she was cooperative, sparking discussion. Zhang Baohua, a former cable journalist known for asking questions that infuriated Jiang Zemin, the former Communist party leader, said it was an obvious joke for journalists to be told by interviewees that they were “co-operative”.

Hong Kong cable news layoffs trigger group China collective resigned, been the means of airborne management Li Zhen has an interview with the news director of one of the chief executive secretary lam when the film was out, video gap, the secretary with questions of each other’s questions is too moderate contemptuously, Li Zhen present embarrassment response under question will be some sharp, secretary, added more, no wonder she’s secretary will say “good fit” cable.

“If your interviewer says that to you, it’s a shame. If she says that to you, she’s obviously laughing at you,” said Hong Kong media veteran Zhang Baohua. “You want to build a City of Rome. I don’t know how many generations it will take. If you break the brand, the new owner will break it, and it will be gone in two or three years. In fact, this is a pity.”

Zhang Baohua, a former Hong Kong cable TV anchor and China correspondent, is best known as the “too simple, sometimes naive” journalist who famously asked jiang Zemin, the former communist Party president, if he had nominated Tung Chee-hwa for re-election as chief executive.

Zhang Baohua, Hong Kong veteran media person: “In more than 10 years of running the news, occasionally you have encountered, some can not help but take off the microphone to leave, take off the microphone is also an option. It’s just you rip off the microphone and leave, but I’m still on the air. So it’s really about getting a grip on yourself.”

Zhang Baohua sighed that it was still the most glorious era of Hong Kong journalism, but now everything has gone backwards. If she had the opportunity to interview Lam Cheng, she would like to ask.

Zhang BaoHUA, Hong Kong media veteran: “All the things that happened in 2019, do you think it’s none of your business? Isn’t it? Now Hong Kong, you have been sanctioned by the US, and the whole foundation of Hong Kong in the past 150 years has been destroyed. Do you think you have no responsibility in this process? I mean, on the other hand, are you a historical sinner? I think so. In the history of Hong Kong, Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor, you are really a sinner. Don’t say anything else. Everything is caused by you. I really want to hear you explain why.”

‘As a front-line reporter, I don’t have any skills, and I don’t need to ask too many questions. I just need to know what the society is most concerned about and ask fair questions based on the facts,’ Mr. Zhang said. Like Hong Kong, she said, “The wires are falling fast. It’s inevitable that we will be disappointed in press freedom. We have to cherish what little space we have left and use our own channels to speak out.”