Arizona voters are rooting for Trump in the end: Defending America

Marta Brandt, who immigrated to the United States from Russia 28 years ago, said she immigrated to the United States to escape socialism, and this is the most important moment to protect her country.

Hundreds of Arizona voters gathered in front of the state Capitol on Saturday in response to a “Jericho” march in support of President Donald Trump, which was held simultaneously across the COUNTRY to stop a stolen election. Many voters who have been immigrating to The United States for years say the United States has given them a new lease of life and they need to stand up and join all the patriots in supporting Trump and not let this great country fall to the left.

“I came to this country 28 years ago, when I was 23 years old, and I knew I had to go away, away from socialism, and I needed to give my children an opportunity to grow up in a country with the rule of law and freedom,” said Marta Brandt, who immigrated to the United States from Russia 28 years ago. Given what’s happening in America, this is my chance to protect America.”

“If someone puts all this [the Constitution of the United States, democracy, freedom] at risk and actually hijacks our democracy and steals elections in our face, then we have to stand up and wake up.” She said: “He is smart… You need to look at what a man has done, not what he has said, but what he has done for this country. I think many years from now, people will realize what a visionary and wonderful man he was.”

Voters thanked the United States for giving freshmen 100 percent support for Trump

“I was born in Italy and moved here with my family 10 years ago,” said Giovanni. “It is a great honor for us to be in this country. Every day I thank God deeply that we can live in this country.” Now, I join the crowd, and we all believe that this election was stolen, and we have to express our opinions.”

Giovanni thanked the United States for giving him a new life, and he is 100 percent behind President Trump.

“I have 100 percent confidence in President Trump, absolutely 100 percent confidence,” he said. “I support everything he says. It’s a tough thing to do, but please keep [fighting]!”

African-American voter Jaye Flash was among those holding guns at the rally, as well as banners. “I am here to support Donald Trump under our constitutional rights,” he said. It also helps to make sure everything runs smoothly here. Today’s rally was unexpectedly large, and that’s the public opinion.”

He said they also came together to let the world know that legitimate voters were not fooled, that they knew the truth, that this was a fraudulent election, and that public opinion was enough to overthrow the plot of the left.

“We all know Joe Biden didn’t win Arizona,” said Another African-American voter, Troy Jenkins. “I’m black and we know how we actually voted.”

African-American voter Troy Jenkins said he is black and supports President Trump.

Voter: Trump’s leadership and high character have conquered all patriots

One voter, James Warrum, argued that anyone with common sense and even a little critical thinking can listen to what they see and hear independently, and that the figures were ‘irrational’ and ‘deceptive’.

According to voter James Warrum, President Trump’s justice, fairness and love have conquered America’s patriots.

“I’ve come here to support our president and thank him, and I’ve seen the level of support for our president has been phenomenal.” “Of course, we want to continue to support him,” he said. Second, I have confidence in President Trump, and I think everyone who comes here has the same confidence.”

But Warren said it was more than confidence. Trump has conquered all Of America’s patriots with his personal leadership and character. “People really love the president from the bottom of their hearts, he is a true leader… They saw that he was just and fair, and that he was kind to people, and that was the kind of character they wanted.”

Ms. Warren’s daughter, Victoria Warrum, added: “We really need to support our president here, and our votes are not being counted. You don’t have to be a data analyst to look at those graphs and see that this election was rigged.”

Victoria Warrum said the current campaign has only just begun and patriots will stand by President Trump to the end.

“I think this march, not only to overthrow an unfair election, but also to show our people’s support for President Trump, this battle is not over, it is just beginning. In any case, we will continue to fight until January 20th.” In the end, she said she was 100 percent confident that Trump would win the election. “This is a man who will lead us, and I’ve seen the light at the end of the tunnel,” she said.