The “sweeper” of the clot has been found! Agaric is number three, number one and most people don’t know it

Blood viscosity is too high, the impact on the body is very large, once the occurrence of thrombosis will seriously affect the blood circulation of the body. Many people do not understand the relevant knowledge and pay low attention to thrombosis. There are many bad behaviors and habits in daily life that are not conducive to vascular health, such as eating high-sugar and high-fat food frequently and staying up late for a long time, which will greatly increase the chance of thrombosis.

How does a clot cause a blockage?

Vascular thrombosis in the clogging process mainly when high blood lipid levels in the body, extra lipid garbage can in the unceasing accumulation on the walls of blood vessels, the blood vessel wall thickening, which caused blood vessels to narrow, when the viscous blood flow to the place, the blood vessels are prone to blockage, which affects the organs or even multiple organ tissue necrosis. Once a large number of blood clots flow to the arteries of the brain, the blood vessels will easily lead to the blood supply of brain tissues and organs, insufficient supply and cause cerebral infarction.

If there is a plug in the body, the body will appear these 2 abnormalities, timely attention

(1) Limb numbness

If there is a thrombus inside the body, it is very likely to block the blood vessel, and then the blood circulation will appear problems, and because the limb is at the end of the blood circulation, a long time of ischemia and hypoxia is easy to make the limb appear numbness, lasting a long time. Severe leg swelling can also occur if you exercise for a short period of time.

(2) Drooling on one side

When blood vessels in the brain become blocked, prolonged ischemia and hypoxia can affect the central nervous system, leading to a series of abnormalities in the patient. Once motor nerve injury occurs, patients may have uncontrolled facial muscles, such as mouth skew and eye skew, uncontrolled drooling to one side, which are obvious phenomena of blood clots blocking blood vessels. This is to be taken seriously and prevent the disease from developing.

Agaric is number three, number one and most people don’t know it

First, vascular nutrition

Thrombosis, as we all know, because a lot of lipid accumulation is formed on the lining of blood vessels, this needs us to these deposit in lipid plaques on the walls of blood vessels, clean up, and the deepening of linoleic acid can be very good emulsify decomposition lipid plaques on the lining of blood vessels, inhibit the formation of cholesterol, reduce blood viscosity, to some extent, prevent thrombus appear in great quantities, blocking blood vessels, prevent the happening of the cardiovascular diseases such as cerebral infarction.

Second, garlic

Garlic is a common flavoring, but many people do not like it because of its strong smell. In fact, the arithmetic contained in garlic can lower blood lipid levels, lower the activity of cholesterol synthase and thus lower cholesterol levels in the body. This, in turn, improves blood fat levels and speeds up the body’s metabolism, thereby reducing the number of blood clots.

Third, agaric

In fact, the black fungus we often eat is also a small good at reducing blood lipids, it is called the blood vessel cleaner, this is because the fungus polysaccharide in the cat can inhibit the synthesis of cholesterol, prevent blood clotting, play the role of reducing blood lipids, reduce arteriosclerosis, the level of blood lipids in the body is normal, blood clots will be reduced.