Eating the wrong food all these years? The old person in the home eats 4 kinds of breakfast every day blood pressure is really hard steady!

In China, in every four families, there are 1-2 people with hypertension!

Hypertension is clinically known as the “silent killer”, it is a chronic disease with high blood pressure as the main symptom. However, the real harm is not in hypertension itself, but the target organ damage induced by blood pressure exceeding the normal value.

Even if patients with essential hypertension do not have any symptoms, excessive blood pressure will continue to cause damage to the kidneys, blood vessels, etc!

The number of hypertensive patients in China has reached nearly 300 million. Although hypertension is gradually becoming younger and younger, most of the patients are still middle-aged and elderly, especially the elderly, who are affected by vascular aging and accumulation of injuries caused by unhealthy diet all the year around, and are more likely to have hypertension.

Here are four breakfasts that are driving high blood pressure. It may be too late to stay away:

1, and Fried dough sticks

Fried dough sticks with soybean milk can be said to be the most classic Chinese breakfast, especially in many northern regions, are used to eat fried dough sticks, fried dough cakes, green onion pancakes and other fried food for breakfast.

But in fact, deep-fried dough sticks are very bad for blood pressure control. Their nutritional content has been completely destroyed in the process of frying at high temperature. This kind of food with high calorie and high amount of trans-fatty acids is the root cause of obesity. At the same time, a large amount of fat in the body, wrapping up the arteries and vessels, is also the cause of elevated blood pressure, atherosclerosis.

Therefore, science suggests that the number of times of consumption of fried dough sticks should not exceed 2 times per week.

  1. Instant Noodles

In fact, there are many rumors about instant noodles, but most of them have no scientific confirmation. Eating instant noodles regularly will neither affect the stomach nor cause cancer.

But instant noodles can be a culprit because they contain a certain amount of salt during the preparation process, as well as a relatively high salt content in the flavoured packet.

The essence of instant noodles is a kind of food with high sodium and simple nutrition. If the elderly often use instant noodles as breakfast to eat, once the body’s sodium ions exceed the limit, water and sodium retention, blood pressure will naturally rise.

  1. Pickles and pickles

Across the century, the elderly, are struggling from the poor days to the present. Although fresh fruits and vegetables are now available everywhere, pickles and pickles are still on the table.

Many people are used to eating porridge in the morning with some pickles and pickles, which can save money and increase appetite. But there is a huge problem with these foods, which is the “high sodium” mentioned above.

The morning itself is the peak of blood pressure, and if sodium is consumed in large quantities, it will make it more difficult to control blood pressure, which may also cause damage to the kidneys.

4, hot food

Many people like to eat warm food in the morning, especially in the cold north in winter, hot food can make the body feel warm.

But food is too hot to control blood pressure, and may even become the source of acute cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease. Because blood vessels are quite sensitive to temperature changes, eating hot food in the morning can cause dilation of blood vessels and rapid fluctuation of blood pressure in a short time.

Moreover, hypertension patients with atherosclerosis, once the arterial unstable plaque falls off, may induce thrombosis!

How many times did you get shot for those four breakfasts?

We eat breakfast to replenish the body with energy and nutrition for the whole morning. But energy is not a heavy – flavored, high-calorie food.

From the scientific point of view, breakfast should choose as far as possible light, good digestion, balanced type, such as rice porridge, eggs, milk, bread, this can supply energy to the body, we also need not worry about blood pressure fluctuation.