Four fish may be less nutritious and more toxic if they leave the table early

As the saying goes: “Eat four legs eat two legs, eat two legs eat no legs”.

The most representative example of legless food is “fish”. Fish tastes delicious, and belongs to the low fat, high protein food, which is rich in “brain gold”, helps to take care of the body health.

Fish occupies a very important position in Chinese cuisine. As the saying goes, a feast is impossible without fish. When we entertain our guests, we usually prepare a hearty fish dish.

Although fish has a high health value, not all fish are good for your health, especially the following ones, which are less nutritious and more poisonous. I hope you can get off the table.

Four fish, leave the table as soon as possible, probably less nutritious and more toxic, fishmonger: Know as little as possible

  1. Large predatory fish in the deep sea

Nowadays, people are eating more and more rich food. They no longer only pay attention to food and satiety, but more want to eat fresh food. If they can eat food that others have never eaten before, they will naturally feel very proud.

In our daily life, some people especially like to eat large deep-sea fish. Regardless of the love, these large deep-sea fish are really bad for your health. It is not as good as you think.

At the top of the Marine life chain, this fish mainly eats a variety of small fish and Marine organisms. As the food accumulates through the filter layer, it will contain too much heavy metal elements such as mercury in the body of the big fish, which will affect the health if ingestion.

So these large deep-sea fish are not necessarily healthy. They contain more toxins and may be less nutritious, so please shut up.

  1. Heavy fish

We usually eat the most freshwater fish, most of the fish bought in the market are about two kilograms of fish, generally more than four pounds of fish is relatively rare, and most people buy such fish will be complacent, or even show off to others.

However, such fish may have some safety problems. Firstly, the fish must be older and must be older, so the meat quality of the fish itself will be older and taste bad.

On the other hand, the older the fish is, the longer they will live in the water, and the more harmful substances such as heavy metals will accumulate in their bodies. Therefore, such fish may not be healthy, perhaps with less nutrition and more toxins and prone to cell mutation.

When buying fish, it is better to choose the size of 8 minutes of fish, such as grass carp in 4~5 pounds, carp in 1.5 pounds, small carp in 0.5~1 pounds is better.


Sashimi looks very delicious, but it is not suitable for people, especially those with weak spleen and stomach, because sashimi tends to contain a lot of bacteria and sperm, raw insects will cause bacterial infection after eating into the body, which is not good for your health.

In recent years, China’s sashimi is also relatively popular, but we eat sashimi processing degree is difficult to meet the Japanese standards. Sashimi eaten in Japan is treated at a very low temperature, which is difficult to meet, so most people eat sashimi with certain harmful substances, hope you leave the table as soon as possible.

  1. Smelly fish

Fish are hardy and can survive in harsh environments. Therefore, fish grown in heavy pollution will be sold by unscrupulous traders, and we must be vigilant when buying fish.

Normal fish can have a fishy smell, but if you buy fish that has an oily smell, it may be contaminated with phenols in the water, which is usually contaminated with phenolic waste water from factories, which can cause harmful substances to attack the flesh.

It is recommended that you be aware when buying fish, because some undesirable traders will add formaldehyde to the water to make the fish look fresher at this time, but such fish has already been injected into the body, which will increase the risk of disease.

A word of caution: There’s another type of fish you should eat less of

Smoked fish in the south is very common, mainly through frying out of the fish, and then after a variety of seasoning made of milk became the smoked fish we love to eat, through the production method can understand that the cod contains more harmful substances.

First of all, high temperature frying itself will produce a lot of harmful substances, plus a variety of seasonings are more likely to produce too much harmful substances. One of the most harmful substances to mention is polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), which can be as harmful as an extra bite from 250 cigarettes and can be very harmful to the body.

The time that fish smokes is longer, the harmful material that produces is more, the person that love to eat must understand actively. Of course, it’s not a mouthful. It’s ok to eat once in a while. After all, our bodies have a strong digestive system which can eliminate harmful substances.

Fish is rich in DHA and EPA, which is very good for the body, so we can eat a little fish in our life, but we must choose a healthy and safe fish, it is best to go to the normal market to buy, do not crave for petty gain.