One of these bad eating habits can easily lead to weight gain

A lot of fat loss text is always saying

Eat less and control your diet

What do you eat and how much do you eat

In fact, from the habit up to control

Control from the bottom up

That’s what diet control is all about

Bad Habit # 1:

Don’t dive into the food pile to eat

There’s a test. We’re eating hot pot, barbecue, buffet… At the end of the day, you have no idea how much you’ve eaten. Statistics show that you eat 30 to 80 percent more. There are friends who eat in front of the fridge, in the kitchen, in front of the food pile, and get overfed.

There are also some common phenomenon is the last one to eat, because of work home, everyone has eaten, this time there is a strange phenomenon is, you will eat the leftovers, it seems not to eat, waste is you, so you will try to eat so 3, 5, finally fat Lord fat here.

Bad Habit # 2:

Make sure to eat a meal for more than 20 minutes

Another test: When participants were asked to munch down a large plate of pasta quickly, they ate an average of 650 calories in just nine minutes. Those asked to enjoy themselves ate an average of 580 calories in just 29 minutes. In addition, eating in a hurry can cause indigestion and stomach pain.

Modern rhythm is fast, the speed that seems to eat can be accelerated automatically. A lot of time to rush things, always give yourself little time to eat. The ritual of eating has long gone, leaving only the task to be done. This change in thinking, the direct result is that we seize the time, finally will certainly speed up the meal. Speeding up eating causes our brains to overeat before we know we’re full. Therefore, eat slowly, at least more than 20 minutes, because people feel full this process is 20 minutes.

Bad Habit 3:

Don’t bring stress to the table

There are some small partners work and study task is quite heavy, will choose to work while eating, this is a way to become fat, increase the pressure when eating without any reason, on the one hand easy to lead to endocrine disorders, resulting in slow human metabolism; This, on the other hand, can lead to high levels of cortisol, which increases appetite and makes it harder to stop eating during a meeting! What’s more, you tend to choose foods that are high in energy and fat, and eat whatever is likely to make you fat.

Bad Habit # 4:

Eating in dim light is a trap

Scientific data from the United States shows that people who binge tend to eat in dimly-lit environments. It’s also been suggested that dim lights make people feel less shy, so we unwittingly eat more!

The thing of this kind of psychology level, do not believe actually, you see, the lamplight of almost all restaurant is dimly, look is to emotional appeal, can increase your appetite actually. So if you can, make sure to keep the restaurant lights up so you can eat less.

Bad Habit # 5:

Chew well even when you melt in your mouth

Chewing is not just about breaking food down, but more importantly about secreting digestive juices to digest it. Most foods today are highly processed, such as cakes and crisps, which melt in your mouth and don’t require much chewing. Many people don’t feel the need to chew more. Even if the food doesn’t need to be chewed too much, the secretary suggests chewing it more than 25 times. Eating slowly makes you feel full, so you don’t eat as much, and the food you eat helps you digest it.

Bad Habit # 6:

You can’t eat in a restaurant without overeating

Eating out regularly has been linked to obesity, increased body fat and other increases in body mass index. The data showed that women who ate out six to 13 times a week consumed an average of 290 extra calories a day. All of the decor, the service, the smell, the lighting, the decor, the cooking, the order in which the dishes are served and so on are all designed to get you to eat more, and it’s competitive, so it works.

So if you do a lot of eating in restaurants, you’ll be more likely to get fat. Or to appropriately refuse to eat out, try to eat at home to eat at home.

Bad Habit # 7:

Eating in front of a screen can be delayed

Feeling “Full”

Now eating, eating while looking at the phone, while listening to music, while playing games is very common. Everyone thought that this earned, to save time to use the next, to entertain themselves. The gain is not worth the loss. Because we are bound to overeat at this time. And it’s not easy to digest and metabolize.

Whether you’re on your phone, on your computer or watching TV, eating while addicted to the Internet or TV for a long period of time will greatly increase your mindless eating. Researchers at a number of leading institutions have found that television viewing is a risk factor for obesity, especially among young people.

Eating while watching TV does double harm: it increases unconscious eating! And take time away from calorie-burning activities.

Ok, now that we know these bad habits, we are trying to change them. So how do we change them? We can change our diet by changing our diet, which will naturally reverse many bad eating habits.

Drink coffee before breakfast

Drink a cup of coffee 30 minutes before breakfast can effectively control appetite, let you eat only 75% of the previous appetite will feel full, and will burn fat speed up by 5%! Thanks to xanthine, a heat-producing substance in coffee, it also provides your body with enough heat.

Don’t overlook calcium supplements

Taking a daily dose of 600 mg of calcium (300 mg for breakfast and lunch) can help your body burn fat faster. Those who ate this way lost 22 per cent more weight, 61 per cent more fat and 81 per cent more belly fat than those who did not eat calcium. (Calcium supplements should also pay attention to the sun oh, if there is the sun, it is best to let yourself bathe in the sun for more than 10 minutes, for calcium absorption is good.)

Drink a glass of plum juice every day in autumn

The flower table element that rich in sour plum, can help the body effectively eduction adipose with toxin, let your body “cleanness” program is accelerated greatly, make liver can be inside body the material that those may cause fatness quickly and completely eduction outside the body. Autumn is the best season to drink plum juice, you can try to make it yourself, it is very good for your health.

Drink more water. Drink more water

If you want to lose 2 kg this week, how much water you drink per day has to do with your weight. Nutrition experts recommend drinking 31.3 milliliters of water per kilogram of body weight (for example, a woman weighing 50 kilograms should drink 1.565 litres of water a day, or about five cups). Water is the body’s metabolic thermostat. If you don’t get enough water, your body temperature drops and your body starts to rely on fat.

Eat a handful of nuts a day

Scientists found that those who ate nuts lost twice as much weight as those who didn’t. Studies have shown that eating a handful of nuts a day reduces your calorie intake by 333 calories. Choose nuts such as peanut kernels or walnuts, but don’t exceed a handful.

Eat more fermented foods

Eating fermented food, such as steamed buns and sandwiches, is less likely to feel hungry and lasts at least an hour longer than eating regular food. This is because during fermentation, starches and sugars are broken down into less digestible components. The digestive system takes more time to digest them, and you’re less likely to feel hungry.

Take a spoonful of honey every day

Honey will bring your blood sugar back to normal within 20 minutes of use and keep it steady for two hours, reducing hunger and keeping you in a soothing mood that keeps you happy.

Drink oolong and Pu ‘er

Getting into the habit of drinking oolong tea and Pu-erh will speed up your metabolism, increasing the number of calories your body burns by 3% and the amount of fat it burns by 10%. This tea is free of calories, fat and sodium, so if you want to lose weight, you can safely drink it. It is also perfect for autumn.