Young people who indulge in sugar cravings are overspending their bodies

Some time ago, Yang, who is known as “China’s top broker”, had an operation to cut her stomach.

Some people suspected that she was hurting her body in order to be thin and beautiful, and hit herself in the face.

“I don’t have any dissatisfaction with my appearance,” Yang wrote in response. “The main purpose of the operation is to cure the disease.”

She had already been diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 29.

As her condition worsened, she began to need daily insulin injections to stabilize her condition.

On one occasion, she even picked up a syringe for injection on a variety show, which frightened Zhang Yuqi.

For her condition has been very serious, cutting the stomach is a helpless means.

And this year, she was only 35.

Yang is not the only person who has developed diabetes at an early age.

China’s proud Asian Games esports gold medalist Jane Has announced her retirement at the age of 23.

Three hundred thousand people posted on that blog to keep him, but it was too late.

Due to stress, irregular diet and late nights, he detected diabetes during a medical examination.

I have been taking medicine, exercising and controlling my diet for half a year, but my condition has not improved.

He could have played for a few more years, but he still hasn’t won the coveted global finals.

But he can only choose to say goodbye to his youth, and countless fans can only regret to say goodbye to the “eternal God” in their hearts.

Once upon a time, we all thought that diabetes was a disease that you didn’t get until you were at least 40.

But the truth is, we were all wrong.

China, which has the most diabetes in the world, has nearly 130 million people with the disease.

Of those 130 million, at least 4 million are between the ages of 18 and 29; There are 13 million people between the ages of 30 and 39.

Diabetes, has been quietly targeting this group.

They may have just stepped into the society and are still rushing about to make a living; Or getting married, having children, and hoping for a better tomorrow.

But in a quiet, by diabetes “destroyed” the rest of his life.

The terrible thing about diabetes is that it is incurable.

It affects patients throughout their lives.

One thing that all diabetics have to follow is diet.

These four words may seem light at first glance, but for every diabetic, they are a mountain.

The people most at risk of developing diabetes are the ones who enjoy eating and drinking the most.

But having diabetes meant that his decades-long hobbies and habits had to change.

The first cup of milk tea in autumn? Fat house happy water? Birthday cake? Must say goodbye.

At dinner parties and social gatherings, people would look at their favorite food, but diabetics could only count their blood sugar silently.

In their eyes, diabetes changes not only their diet, but their lives.

When the disease progresses to the point where exercise and diet control fail to stabilize blood sugar, it’s time to take medicine.

This medicine is the so-called “hypoglycemic drug”.

However, “hypoglycemic drugs” are not perfect. Side effects such as nausea, vomiting and diarrhea often occur.

What’s more, drugs are generally tolerated. Over time, two drugs become four; One kind of change two kinds of…

Your body is no longer dependent on drugs.

For people with severe diabetes, getting an insulin injection is the only way to go.

This is not an easy thing to do.

In the program, Yang Tianzhen said a sentence like this:

“It takes a lot of courage to dig yourself every day.”

The best place to get an insulin shot is in the abdomen. Three injections a day can lead to more than a thousand injections a year.

“The smell of insulin on my stomach,” one person said.

If you can “get used to it,” there is another kind of pain that can be life-threatening: complications.

As diabetes worsens, complications can follow.

Retinopathy can lead to blindness, diabetic feet that may require amputation, kidney failure that requires monthly dialysis…

They may also have a heart attack, a cerebral infarction, or even a risk of death.

More than 800,000 people in China die each year from complications related to diabetes, 200,000 more than from lung cancer.

Source: | good doctor online

For diabetics, diabetes can be a watershed moment.

Before diabetes, your life was colorful.

When you have diabetes, your life can turn gray.

Why are more and more young people developing diabetes?

The first thing we need to know is how diabetes comes about.

Normally, sugar breaks down into glucose into the blood, known as blood sugar.

Every time you consume a large amount of sugar, your blood sugar rises rapidly and your pancreas secretes insulin.

Muscle cells then sense the presence of insulin and immediately absorb and use glucose.

The blood sugar drops naturally.

But the pancreas is a machine with a limited life span, consuming large amounts of sugar over and over again, and the more you work, the faster the machine breaks down.

Muscle cells, on the other hand, are like urban sewers, where more and more fat is the city’s garbage. When garbage fills the sewer, it loses its ability to absorb rainwater.

At their normal pace, they don’t start to show signs of trouble until they’re in their 40s.

But the young people’s habits and customs, but this time node greatly in advance.

For the contemporary young people, high sugar, high fat has long been a normal life, many people, have led a “no sugar happy” life.

Take milk tea, for example.

A typical cup of 750ml milk tea contains 99g of sugar. Even milk tea labeled “sugar-free” contains more than 50g of sugar.

The WHO recommends that adults consume no more than 50g of added sugar a day, preferably less than 25g.

Take a cup of milk tea casually, exceed bid.

What’s more, in addition to milk tea, there are cakes, ice cream, cola, chocolate.

And the food you eat, the juice you drink, all have added sugar.

It’s the equivalent of your pancreas, which is “dying” at a rate times faster than the average person.

Another important risk factor for diabetes is increased fat intake.

This can also be seen in the change of obesity rate in our country.

Between 2004 and 2014, the obesity rate among Chinese adults rose from 3.3 percent to 14.0 percent.

Even more worrying is the fact that the number of obese people under the age of 18 has reached 120 million.

These are people who either have diabetes or are on their way to diabetes.

It’s all about the way we live.

Eat — Whether it’s grilled, hot pot or fried, the grease is responsible for the fat explosion.

Sitting – Sitting for a long time in the office every day, no exercise habit, fat intake is not used up, the cells are more and more fat “blocked”.

Sleep – Young people’s bedtime is pushed back from 11 to 1. Staying up late can lead to digestive and liver problems, which also contribute to fat accumulation.

From sugar free to fat extraordinary, young people are getting closer and closer to diabetes.

In other words, it is not diabetes that is quietly targeting young people. It is self-indulgent young people who are falling headlong into the disease.

Many people may feel that diabetes is a long way off.

If you have this idea, then there is a statistic you must know:

Thirty-five percent of adults in China are pre-diabetic.

What calls prediabetic?

Simply put, it means that the blood glucose index exceeds the normal standard, but fails to meet the diagnostic criteria for diabetes.

In these people, the pancreas has been damaged, and the regulation of blood sugar has begun to decline.

And this process, in general, is irreversible.

In other words, if people with pre-diabetes don’t change their lifestyle, a diagnosis of diabetes is a sure thing.

So don’t feel like you’re in good health and that diabetes has nothing to do with you.

Danger often lurks in contempt.

Here are two pieces of advice for all adults:

Get your blood sugar checked twice a year. The first time is best to go to the hospital, of course, can also buy their own blood glucose meter for testing.

Confirm your blood glucose level (fasting blood glucose 3.1-6.1mmol/L is normal, 6.1-7.0mmol/L is pre-diabetes, and 7.0mmol/L or above is diabetes).

  1. If your blood sugar is normal, congratulations, keep it up.

If you have pre-diabetes, Then I hope you can take it seriously, change your lifestyle, and don’t regret it one day.

If you are unlucky enough to be diagnosed with diabetes, be sure to see your doctor. The sooner you are treated, the better.

Finally, I would like to say that I know that human nature is sweet, sugar, is also the most primitive source of human happiness.

But to be human, one should not only pursue instinctive desires, but also have the reason to control one’s body.

We don’t have to pay for the pleasure of the first half and the pain of the second.